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Sunday, May 09, 2010

DC Super Friends #26 - June 2010

Comics Weekend "A Little Hocus Pocus" by Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, and Dan Davis.

This week's issue of DC Super Friends opens on a quiet street corner. But, of course, soon enough there's trouble:
The Super Friends try to find Felix Faust, but they're distracted by the horde of rabbits are popping up like...well, rabbits!

Taking a momentary break from their pursuit, the Super Friends use their abilities to gently round up the bunnies:
...I love that shot of Aquaman and the happy bunnies. So cute!

Okay, anyway, the Super Friends split up to try and find Faust. Meanwhile, two lowlifes see that the corner magicians are actually magicians, and hire them to do a show inside a nearby bank, giving them an incantation to say once they're inside.

The magicians are fooled into thinking this is just a prank, so they go along, inadvertently using their powers to open the bank's vault, which our two crooks take advantage of.

The two magicians call for help, and the Super Friends arrive. Aquaman even gets assistance from some finny friends:

The magicians leave, having convinced the Super Friends they were innocent dupes. But on their way home, they encounter another lowlife: the guy the Super Friends were looking for, Felix Faust!

Faust is looking for the magical gem he hid on them, but can't find it. The two magicians then conjure the Super Friends to appear out of their top hat, and they battle Faust.

Faust then decided to use his powers to turn all the heroes into frogs, but:
Turns out the gem Faust was looking for was being held by their rabbit mascot, Morton, and these two really are magicians. They decide from this moment on to become detectives, an announcement that leaves the Super Friends dubious. The end!

I was glad to see Stewart McKenny back on the art for this issue--I love his work. It matches the look of the toys but also has a real sense of movement and style, and is a real pleasure to look at (I love the Felix-Faust-as-frog in that last panel).

And not to over think it, but I like the bits of character details regular DCSF writer Sholly Fisch throws in, especially in regards to Aquaman: after siccing the goldfish on the two crooks, he takes a moment to help them get back in their tank. Aquaman: Friend to All Animal Life!


Russell said...

NEWS FLASH: Aquaman DOES appear in the newest DC Super Friends Pictureback Book, "Riddle Me This!" I picked it up at Target today. :-)
He joins Batman, Robin, The Flash, Cyborg, Superman, and Green Lantern as they battle The Riddler.

BronzeTiger said...

It is interesting to see such old characters as Hocus and Pocus, in the animated superfriends book. These characters have been around since Action comics #83.

The novelty of using classic characters really helped this story, and made it fun. Thanks for pointing it out Rob.

Anonymous said...

One of the greats! Worthy to be in the world of DC!
Love his work!