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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Breaking News - Geoff Johns on Aquaman

sgF.O.A.M.er Joe Slab sent me a link to a new regular feature over on CBR called "Daybreak", all about Brightest Day.

Today's inaugural installment features talks with both BD writers, Peter Tomasi and Geoff Johns. But the exciting news is there's an entire section with Johns just about Aquaman, which you can find here.

Normally I would pull all the Aquaman-centric quotes and post them here, but the whole piece is full of good quotes, so go over to CBR and read the whole thing.

But I will mention just this one: "
He's a character that everybody knows. He has had successful runs in the past, and I guess he's probably more well known to the general public than Green Lantern even is at this point."

Um, how many times have I said that on the Shrine? (I even said it to Paul Levitz once, who disagreed with me)
Nice to see something I've bored everyone with through sheer repetition be confirmed by DC's new CCO!

Its a great little chat, Johns has some really interesting stuff to say about Aquaman and Mera. Thanks to Joe for the tip!


Count Drunkula said...

You know this headline is going to give every FOAM member a heart attack thinking he's writing an ongoing Aquaman series, right?

Count Drunkula said...

rob! - I hope you review Brightest Day #1 soon. I've started getting my comics online and won't get to read the first two issues until June so I'll be depending on the Shrine for my in-depth Aqua-analysis.

rob! said...

This Saturday!

Joe Slab said...


Well Geoff said in the video interview (on the same page) that he plans to take his time building Aquaman up in the same manner that he did for about 2 years with Green Lantern...

Wings1295 said...

Cool interview, Rob. Thanks for sharing it!

Rick Duncan said...

When did they make fun of Aquaman on Seinfeld??? Plus, they made fun of every super hero.

nf said...

I'd definitely say that Aquaman is one of the more well known characters for DC. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are definitely the tops, and Flash may be well known too, but I'd say that Aquaman may well be next to the general public. Of course I'm not counting other characters like Robin, Joker, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen who have probably a relatively broad public knowledge base because of Bats and Supes.

rob! said...

I think Aquaman occupies a strange place in terms of pop culture. Superman, Bats, and WW are global icons, and Aquaman isn't that, er, league.

But he is WAY more known by the average, non-comic book-reading populace than Flash, Green Lantern, or virtually any other DC character.

Johns points out that's probably going to change soon with the GL movie, but I was happy to see Johns say something I've always believed, and repeatedly stated here.