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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Argentinian Brave and the Bold Happy Meal - 2010


F.O.A.M. member Jay Hernandez sent me this link to McDonald's of Argentina's website, which shows off a Brave and the Bold Happy Meal promotion, featuring action figures of Batman, The Joker, and Aquaman!

I'm completely flummoxed as to why this isn't going on in the U.S. (although maybe it is; I haven't been in a McDonald's in years). But I'm thrilled that, out of all the characters to pick from, Aquaman got the nod. That is
fantástico, thanks for the link Jay!

Note to any Aqua-Fans from Argentina: If you want to get one of these Aquaman figures and send it to the Shrine, I'll be more than happy to accept it!


Erik the Sleeper said...

"Flummoxed"- I haven't heard that word in ages! :)

rick duncan said...


I think that's OUTRAGIOSO!! (I know that's not real argentine spanish but it should be. ;)

Luis said...

Rob, the Brave and Bold promotion is also available here in Mexico where I live. I plan to get all four figures. Notice how the Aquaman figure comes with a "water ball" as an indication of his "water powers" on Brave and Bold. Also, The Joker squirts water from his lapel flower.

Aaron said...

I looked it up (my Spanish is rusty). BEst translation of "Outrageous!" is "Escandaloso!" which would obviously mean scandalous. Which is an apt description of how I feel about having to get my kid a Happy Meal with a crappy HotWheels Force5 toy (which is plastic junk and not a HotWheels car)instead of an Aquaman!

Wings1295 said...

Hey! We need this in the states, too, ASAP.

mistral1 said...

Rob, the toys are also being included in happy meals here in Chile, my son got an Aquaman figure!!



Unknown said...

It's available on Brazil too! =D
I've got a complete collection today!

Genjoke said...

Speaking of Happy Meals, a Brazilian Fast food chain called "Bob's Burgers" also featured an Aquaman figure recently.