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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aquaman on Jimmy Kimmel Live - 5/19/10

A bunch of F.O.A.M.ers sent me a link to this YouTube clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring another appearance by Aquaman!

Kimmel asked "Aquaman" about the BP oil spill, and in this sketch Aquaman has an unexpected response. I didn't find the piece that funny (I think the underlying emotion behind any comedy sketch involving the oil spill should be one of rage, not bemusement; and the probably-too-serious Aquaman fan in me just doesn't like him being used this way), though I did like the line "Everyone down here works for me."


Oscar Olalde said...

Don't get angry Rob, see it this way, about 99% of the sketches on Jimmy "Won-the-Late-Night-Lottery-job-host" Kimmel are either A) Unfunny or B) rely on mass "celebrity" gathering for amusement pandering.

Watch Ferguson, you know his Aquaman sketches are waaaay funnier and above this crap.

rob! said...


I'm not angry about the sketch--I didn't think it was that bad, I just thought that if you're going to a comedy sketch about the BP spill, it should underscore the inherent tragedy of what's happening, not take a "ho, ho, its all good fun" kind of tone.

Btw, how amazing is it that Aquaman is the star of recurring sketches on TWO late night Tv shows??

Btw 2, did you ever see the interview the Shrine did with one of Craig Ferguson's writers about those Aquaman sketches? Click the "Ben Stout" link under the interviews banner.

JRainey said...

I thought the sketch was funny. This is the second sketch featuring Aquaman on this show and I think the recurring theme is that Aquaman profits off of various tragedies that occur. The last sketch Aquaman was having an underwater garage sell after the plane crash in the Hudson River. He was selling the objects of the passengers. But forget about the oil tragedy...seeing SpongeBob being used to clean off fish and then taking it up the tailpipe had me rolling.

David J. Cutler said...

I think it's the third, actually, there was another about the plane that safely landed in the Hudson River.