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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Aquaman on 30 Rock - 2010

Tonight's episode of 30 Rock featured an out-of-left-field mention of Aquaman!

Pete (Scott Adsit) needs to find an actress to play the mother of TGS cast member Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), since his real mother cannot be found in time to appear on a special Mother's Day episode of the show.

Eventually, Pete tells Tracy he's found an actress named Novella Nelson, to which Tracy replies, "Is that Aquaman's wife?"

I have absolutely no idea what that joke means, if anything. But it sure was fun to hear Aquaman mentioned on one of my favorite shows!

Update: In the comments, AquaFan David guesses that the joke was a play on the alliteration of the name, since "Novella Nelson" does have that Lois Lane/Vicki Vale feel to it. I bet that's it.


Leo C said...

They also mentioned Aquaman on Monday's episode of "The Big Bang Theory". Koothrappali compared himself to Aquaman as "the Superfriend you called when everyone else was busy" when Leonard wants to go out, but no one else does.

Wings1295 said...

Have no idea what the 30 Rock joke means, either. But cool, two mentions on two shows in one week!

David said...

Actually, her name was Novella Nelson.

My take was that the alliterative nature of the name made Tracy think of comic books (and why not, with the likes of Betty Brant, Lois Lane, Vicky Vale, Lana Lang, etc before her?)