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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adventure Comics #466 - Dec. 1979

Comics Weekend "Death On Ice" by Bob Rozakis, Don Newton, and Dan Adkins.

Aquaman's final (for now) installment in Adventure Comics starts off with him and Mera fending off an attack by snipers:
Aquaman and Mera find their way back into the the secret base. Once inside, they make their way into a locked chamber, which is the main control room of the entire operation!

They continue searching, and find...Helga! Turns out the Helga Aquaman that died in the explosion (last issue) was merely a clone. As Aquaman tries to fight his way through some more henchmen, we see that he gets no help from Mera...for she is a clone, too!

Aquaman's head is met with the butt of a gun, which means he'll be waking up in some strange place:
...with everything back to normal, Aquaman can relax. For now, at least.

This was the last issue of Adventure Comics in its "dollar" format: all the regular features would be jettisoned in favor of a Plastic Man/Starman split, which would last all of eight issues, when they would be joined by...Aquaman! (In the meantime, Aquaman would take up residence in World's Finest, by the same team of Rozakis and Newton, which the Shrine covered back in 2008)

And so that ends our look at the 1977-1979 Aquaman solo appearances, which feels like we started ages ago! Now I'll have the chance to get to some one-off and guest appearances the Sea King made, starting next weekend!


Randy said...

What? No mention of the Sensational Character find of 1977, Rob? I am talking, of course, about Siggy the Sea-Horse Wonder!!

rob! said...

Randy--That's because I'm working on a new Siggy The Sea Horse Shrine blog, and I didn't want to tip my hand!

Luis said...

I don't have this issue so I was not aware that Helga the Nazi had made a comeback, now I know.
And did Mera ever look as good as when she was drawn by Don Newton? I think not.

Dixon said...

Man, that's a sweet cover!