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Friday, April 30, 2010

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #44 - Sept. 2006

Sword of Atlantis Friday "Masters" by Kurt Buisek and Butch Guice.

The Dweller From The Depths gives us a view into the new, harsh life of the Atlantean survivors:
Indeed, Arthur and the rest are discovered, and within moments they are attacked by one of the undersea slave-drivers.

But King Shark quickly gets control of him, and the Sea Devils demand to know who is behind all this. But the Aurati claims this isn't done for profit--rather, they've been forced into it by some surfacemen, using sophisticated technology to force the Aurati to do what they want.

Arthur and the Sea Devils offer to help, and Arthur wants to talk to Mera. The Aurati says she had been captured by the surfacemen, and held inside a deep cavern.

After avoiding a giant creature named the Daki (which serves as a pet to the head of the surfacemen), they find Mera and her other members of the Atlantean Royal Guard.

Arthur and Atsiul get into another fight, but they're petty squabbling is stopped by the Dweller. Mera takes notice of this, and after everyone else has temporarily taken off, she talks to the Dweller in private:
As you might have guessed after seeing this issue's cover, our group of heroes sees who's behind all this greed, evil, and misery:
Even though the Dweller tells Arthur not to engage Orm, he won't listen (gee, maybe he is Aquaman!) and makes a beeline for Ocean Master.

While King Shark takes on the Daki, and the Dweller takes on Orm's demon-like mate, Arthur and Orm meet face-to-face:
...to be continued!

The moment between Mera and the Dweller is one of my favorites from the entire series--its a great quiet pause in the story before the all-out action of the final sequence.

Butch Guice does a tremendous job on the art here, and the final page carries a real dramatic wallop, even though its a safe bet Arthur Joseph lives to see another issue...


bribabylk said...

I second that emotion; I'm really digging it. Now I wish I had bought more than just the first issue in this SOA era.

Michael Jones said...

I really like the cover! Ocean Master has never looked more menacing.

ps. Have you ever heard this tune, Aquaman by Grampa Griffith