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Friday, April 09, 2010

Aquaman by Jeremy Massie

This sketch--featuring some helpful, Super Friends-esque advice--of Aquaman is by writer/artist Jeremy Massie. It was sent to me by F.O.A.M.er David Mason, who has been commenting here for a while under the uber-cool handle "Airship Over Water."

David tells the story of getting the sketch from Massie over on his blog of the same name, and he was kind enough to share it with us. David also had some very kind words about the Shrine: "
A couple of my friends who are Punisher and Captain America fans are always complaining because they wish those characters had fansites as good as the Aquaman Shrine--and that's no lie."

Flattery doesn't get you into FOAM, David (though it helps)!


Airship Over Water said...

Sweetness! I'm really glad to see this up on here. Jeremy probably did the sketch in about 5 minutes but I was just amazed at how cool it turned out. I even have it framed.

And it's not flattery if it's true -- one of my good friends is always talking about how he wishes there were blogs for his favorite superheroes.

The Aquaman Shrine is the best around, without a doubt. Thanks for putting this up, Rob.

Wings1295 said...

Very nice!