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Monday, March 08, 2010

Neal Pozner Blue Costume Sketch - 1984

This amazing piece of Aqua-Arcana is Neal Pozner's original sketch for the new "camo" suit he imagined Aquaman would wear in the 1986 mini-series by him and Craig Hamilton.

Neal was an artist and graphic designer himself, so its not surprising that in this case, the writer had specific visual ideas. As you can see from his notes, he had ambitious ideas for this costume, and how it would look from panel to panel.

This great find was sent to me by Craig Hamilton (who is on both sides of the F.O.A.M. divide--he's one of the people whose work I slobber over here, and he's also a member of F.O.A.M.!), who had it among his papers and recently (re)discovered it. He posted it on his CAF page, along with some other Aqua-stuff which I'll get to shortly. Thanks Craig!


Tegan said...

WOW. Getting an Aquaman painting by Craig to hang next to my original Ramona Fradon is something of a dream for me. Not likely to happen, but I certainly think about it.

IADW said...

That is awesome, getting to hear what the designer actually was thinking, always makes the art/design more understandable.

Look forward to the rest!

Russell said...

Just re-read JLA-Avengers last night and came across Artie in his blue costume in one of the scenes. Nice.

BTW, Rob, the Phantom Stranger showed up in this crossover. I don't remember, did you feature that on your PS Blog?

Joe Huber said...

I believe that they also showed a color version of the first one in the Tempest mini-series with an article by Phil Jimenez describing how the Tempest costume pays homage to this design.

Luis said...

Very interesting to see the artist's view of how the costume would and should be drawn. I found the camo suit interesting but seeing the amount of detail and "reference points" that the original artist intended, I'm not surprised the costume didn't catch on. We would have seen a similar situation as with Spider-Man where every artist draws the web pattern differently.