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Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Fun Comics #100 - Nov. 1944

Comics Weekend "The Captain of Cactus Gulch!" by Joe Samachson(?) and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

To celebrate this, the 100th issue of More Fun Comics...nothing, actually. This was a time before some comic companies even bothered to number the issues of the comic series they published, let alone celebrate anniversaries.

But that doesn't mean Aquaman can't still have an amazing adventure, this one opening with Aquaman having a friendly race with a couple of whale pals:
The crooked Pete talks Horace into buying the ship, on the pretense of helping him learn to be a proper sea captain.

But we soon learn that Pete has another motive: to hunt for whales in forbidden waters--and if they get caught, the authorities will blame Captain Horace.
And if he causes trouble, they'll simply toss him overboard. Those scurvy dogs!

Back to the present day, we see Aquaman about to leave. But one of Pete's crooked pals panics and tries to take the Sea King out:

Captain Horace orders to have Aquaman dragged behind the ship. He can't drown of course, but the rough treatment will "teach him a lesson." But he doesn't know that Pete has ordered his men to lower Aquaman so far he is dragged on the sea floor, which will surely kill him!

Aquaman begins to get dragged over the rocky ocean floor. A swordfish tries to free him, but Aquaman calls him off, concerned his pal would ruin his sword on the sharp wire.

But he does think a nearby starfish can help free his hands. The starfish bites at the rope binding his hands, and now Aquaman is free to chase after the ship!:
...and Captain Horace has learned a valuable lesson, with the help of Aquaman!

I didn't find this to be one of my favorite of the More Fun stories,
but there are some great moments: I love Aquaman's unwillingness to let the swordfish try and help him, lest the swordfish get hurt in the attempt. I also enjoy Aquaman killing some time racing whales--that's a charming, sweet, totally goofy idea.

Its funny, Pete's plan seems very similar to the kind of plots Aquaman's old foe Blackjack, who for some reason disappeared after More Fun Comics #83 (he would return when Aquaman moved over to Adventure Comics).

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