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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DC Universe Aquaman Action Figure by Mattel - 2010

After many unsuccessful trips to my local Target, I finally have gotten a hold of the new DC Universe "Classic" Aquaman figure! Huzzah!

But I didn't find this on my own--no, a week or so ago F.O.A.M.er Derek Richardson left a comment on the Shrine's Facebook page telling me that he saw one of these at a Target near him. He asked if I wanted him to go back and pick it up for me. I told Derek that I'd love that, but I didn't hold out much hope it would still be there by time he went back.

Little did I know, in the time between his comment and my Debbie Downer response, Derek already had gone back to the store, found the figure, and bought it! OUTRAGEOUS!

Derek promptly packed the figure up and sent it to me, and now it's all mine! And, oh man, do I love this baby. It's Classic Aquaman, done in that JLU style I dig so much. I couldn't bear to open it up, so I'm going to keep searching for another one to open. Normally I'm not so fussy with my Aqua-stuff by I just dig this too much not to own two (or three, or four...).

But this wasn't the only cool thing Derek has done for the Shrine recently. Last week, I launched the Agents of F.O.A.M. initiative, which involves distributing Aquaman-themed stickers at various comic cons. I mentioned there were two ways to contribute: 1)Make a $5 donation via Paypal to help cover the costs of making the stickers, or 2)Purchase the sticker sheets yourself and send them to me.

Derek chose choice #2, but he went further: he bought and sent to me three packages of stickers, of which I was to use to send to other Agents of F.O.A.M.! That means I'll be able to create 180 stickers, with very little cost to me. Again, outrageous!

So, to that end, I'm issuing Derek a special commendation, what I call The Aquaman Shrine Citation of Merit:
Thanks Derek--guys like you remind me Aquaman has the coolest, most generous fans in all of comicdom!


Duncan said...

"...and now it's all mine!"

You're starting to sound like an Orange Lantern. Nah. Actually, I'm just jealous. Cool figure!

David J. Cutler said...

I want this so bad and have never been so poor. Damn the timing! Ah well, ebay in a month or two I guess.

Randy said...

Lucky guy! I;ve been looking for one for quite awhile too.

Wings1295 said...

Awesome. All around, just made of awesome.

Plaidstallions said...

Derek is filled with awesome sauce. He sent my little guy a vigilante when none could be found in Canada. He still treasures it.

Unknown said...

'tis lovely! congrats!!!

Derek Richardson said...

What a great way to start a Tuesday morning! :) Thank you very kindly for the Citation - I'll have to put it with my FOAM Certificate as well. I'm always glad to pitch in someone who is a nice person, willing to help others on their own time and dime, and clearly passionate about what they do. Rob fits all of these perfectly, so he makes it easy to help.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more action figures to go hunt down. :)

chunky B said...

Congats to both Darek and yourself! What a great figure of AM!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story on how you got it, Rob, and I have to say that it is awesome to see a classic Aquaman in Timmverse style! It harkens back to his appearance in the Superman:TAS, before Timm made him go all hippie-viking on us.

captain corky said...

The figure looks great. I've been pounding Targets in Kentucky for weeks looking for him. So far no luck.

I also screwed up and didn't get Hawkman when I had the chance... I only have myself to blame for that one.