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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brave and The Bold Magazine #1 - April 2010


This is the first issue of the UK-only Brave and the Bold magazine, which came out a few weeks ago.

Measuring at 9x12", this magazine is a giant bomb of brightly-colored superhero fun. In addition to the "five free gifts" (pencil, pencil case, eraser, ruler, and a set of stickers), this issue features a bio-page of some of the B&B characters, like Aquaman!:
It also has an exclusive comic section, starring Batman and Power Girl, titled "The Panic of the Composite Creature" by Matt Wayne, Andy Suriano, and Dan Davis.

There's also a two-page spread all about Green Arrow and the various arrows in his quiver, a Batman poster, three activity pages, and two pages of kids' drawings.

As if that wasn't enough, the back cover has a life-size Batman mask:
This really is an amazing package, and I cannot fathom why its not for sale in America. Between its size and features, its very reminiscent of the classic DC and Marvel treasuries, and you know how I feel about them.

What's even more exciting is, this is apparently a regular series. There's an ad for the next issue, and even a subscription ad! I wonder if Titan Comics, the publisher behind this, does overseas subscriptions?

There's not much Aqua-content in this issue (he's one of the stickers, but I couldn't bear to tear open the package), but its awesome nonetheless. And, of course, there's always next issue!

I never would have gotten a hold of this if not for the efforts of the F.O.A.M. member known as Colsmi, who lives in England and was kind enough to track down a copy and send it to me. Thanks Colsmi!


Colin Smith said...
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Colin Smith said...

No problem, Rob. Let me know if you need the next one. It'll remind me to get one myself.

I too was thoroughly impressed by how colourful & welcoming the whole package is. You're right. I can't see how it would fail in the US market, and anything that brings more youngsters into the comic book habit is good for us all.

Wings1295 said...

Very cool! Should be here in the States, too!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I was just telling my wife how odd it seems that B&B merchandise (outside of the toys) is just starting to trickle in, since the show has been on for over a year and a half now. It's even odder that we're not getting all of the good stuff in the US.

I'd love to see this magazine in the states. I fondly remember the Batman/Superman magazine of the early 90s.


Unknown said...

this is, as they say, the bee's knees