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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brave and the Bold #32 Preview

A bunch of F.O.A.M.ers have alerted me to the fact that over on DC's blog, The Source, they feature a preview of Brave and the Bold #32, out tomorrow!

I myself haven't checked out the sample pages, because I want to be surprised as I read the issue for the first time tomorrow. But F.O.A.M.er Joe Slab thought--and I agree--that any Aqua-Fan reading this should head over and leave a comment of support for the Sea King, since that's probably the most direct way to send DC a message (other than buying a dozen copies of B&B #32 tomorrow, that is!).


Joe Slab said...

Thanks Rob, you rock !!!

Joe Slab said...

Thanks everyone who posted! There were definitely an above average number of posts on the B&B preview, all of them quite favorable. Let's hope the powers that be at DC take notice!

Orin's dad said...

I picked up my copy today to help make sure DC notices. It's a small bit of help, but every little bit counts, right?