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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Aquaman Shrinky Dink - 1976

After I did a post on DC Super Hero Shrinky Dinks a couple of weeks ago, F.O.A.M.er Jon Helfenstein sent me this pic of an actual Aquaman Shrinky Dink, made by Jon when he was a kid!

Here's what Jon had to say: "
I've been meaning to send you a picture of the Aquaman Shrinky Dink that I found going through some of my childhood momentos. I thought I'd share what one looks like when its finished the baking process.

I only have one of the two Aquaman designs. Its the one thats designed to be an address tag, which as you can see from the scan is broken in the top left corner where I must have attached it to something at some point."

Oh man, as a kid I would've killed to have had an Aquaman tag for the little suitcase I took with me on our yearly family vacation.
Maybe I was too quick to dismiss the Shrinky Dinks. Thanks Jon!


Russell said...

I was at Toys R Us last week and saw Barbie Shrinky Dinks. I think I may get one of these and try to make some with my own Aquaman black and white pictures...

Aaron said...

Hey, anyone who spends THAT much time swimming is gonna have a "Shrinky-Dink". ;)