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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aquaman "Lame" T-Shirt

This custom-made t-shirt--aggressively stating the wearer's point of view--was sent to me by our newest member of F.O.A.M., Eddie Ossi.

Here's what Eddie has to say about this shirt: "
I heard a story on the Around Comics podcast about a similar shirt being worn at a convention, and decided it was hilarious and I had to have one."

Eddie decided to make a version of the shirt for himself, which is what you see above. He pointed out to me how worn this shirt is, indicating he declares his Aqua-Fan status a lot.

While I'm not totally on-board with the sentiment (I feel like it cedes ground to all the Aqua-Haters out there from the get go), I can definitely appreciate anyone who feels the need to defend the Sea King, especially this pro-actively. I'd love to see someone wearing this shirt walk up to Dan Didio at a con, pause for a moment, say nothing, and then walk away.

Thanks Eddie, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Airship Over Water said...

Well there's no doubt about it -- even if it is a custom shirt, that easily ranks as one of the coolest superhero shirts ever. I'd pay money.

LOL - I would pay money to see someone walk up to Didio with that shirt on and just get right in his face. I don't hate the guy, but someone has to set him straight on Aquaman.

Diabolu Frank said...

I disagree about ceding ground. You shouldn't deny the commonplace sentiment, only confront and dismiss it.

Saranga said...

i don't think it's ceding ground. i think it's great!

Russell said...

I think it's right on the money. Anyone who doesn't see the majesty and drama INHERENT in the character is, in fact, lame.

rob! said...

I didn't mean to be too critical of the shirt's message, I'm just generally apprehensive about having Aquaman and "lame" on the same shirt. :)

But as I said I do like the agressive pushback. Aquaman needs more of that!

Unknown said...

first of all, way too excited to see my shirt on the shrine. if anyone want to print out their own shirt, here's the uncompressed image file


Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

This is 100% cotton gold.

Door County Tightwad said...

Dead link now. Oh, well.