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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surfin' The Web

I've been meaning to create this sub-section on the Shrine: a label devoted to Aquaman-related articles on the web!

Today seemed like a good day to do it, since we have two fine examples that I think any AquaFan will find interesting:

Finding My Aquaman Amongst All That Continuity - by frequent Shrine commenter Colsmi

Pitch This!: Aquaman - by Josh Pacheco (h/t: FOAMer Nick Allen)

...they both make for fun reading, the Shrine recommends you check them out!


Unknown said...

Nice addition to the Shrine! Cool idea and great stuff.

Colin Smith said...

Thank you for the link, Rob. I'm having alot of fun writing about Aquaman this week, but a kindly mention on "The Aquaman Shrine" has been the best fun of all!

Darkspirit82 said...

Thanks for recommending the article on the site! Josh and I had a lot of fun making it, and lets hope Geoff Johns does the character proud when he comes back in Brightest Day!