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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Breaking News - Ethan Van Sciver on Aquaman

sgIn an interview with Comic Book Resources, artist Ethan Van Sciver is asked: "This pre-show event is being held at a casino--are you a gambling man? Let's say you are--what's the next big 'breakout' comic book character?"

Here's his answer: "Without question, Aquaman. If helmed by Geoff Johns, or someone who follows up closely on the enthusiasm generated by his appearance in 'Blackest Night', there's a jackpot of potential there!"

...another show of support from the comic book creative community! DC, are you listening?

This tip was sent to me by long time commenter, first time F.O.A.M.er David Cutler. Thanks David, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Josh Hill said...

I've been saying all along that if they want this next potential Aquaman relaunch to succeed, it's gotta be Geoff Johns writing it. I know Johns is the choice for just about every DCU character, but Aquaman is one who deserves and needs him the most. In order for readers to take the latest relaunch seriously, DC has to put a superstar creative team on it, at least for the first year or so. Otherwise, it'll just look like "oh, you didn't have anything to work on this month? need to pay the rent? no one is doing AQUAMAN right now, how would you like that job?"

Russell said...

I liked Geoff Johns on the JSA (mostly; his Magog and earlier Black Adam stories were definite ehhs) and I liked his Flash, but I don't think I've ever read his version of Aquaman. Are we just saying that we want Geoff Johns because of his potential, or what? The guy doing B&B right now (can't spell his name!) would be great, too, I think. Or Len Wein or Tony Isabella would be awesome. There's a slew of talent available. Is Geoff currently "The It Girl" and that's why people want him?

Russell said...

Speaking of Geoff Johns, his newest episode of SMALLVILLE airs tonight at 8/7 c and features Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and Stargirl (named for his dead sister) for sure, plus maybe other surprises.
I saw a clip that briefly featured a glimpse of a portfolio of SMALLVILLE heroes and A.C.'s head-shot popped up very clearly (to me!) in that scene. :-)

The Irredeemable Shag said...

I said it back in August 2008 and I stand by it today. Coming to a comic shop near you in a few years -- Aquaman: Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.


The Irredeemable Shag

David J. Cutler said...

Awesome--FOAMing at the mouth at last! Thanks, Rob!

And yeah, every time I speak with Van Sciver at a con he's extremely enthusiastic about the project and the prospect of Johns on the book. He's not my favorite artist, but he's got a legion of fans, and would be great for upping AM's profile.