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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breaking News - Aquaman, Hero of Atlantis?

sgF.O.A.M.er Nick Karr sent me a link to today's entry at the blog Think McFly Think, which features some startling news about an Aquaman animated film, supposedly already in production!

According to director Adam Green (director of the horror film Hatchet and and the thriller Frozen), he is hard at work on a script for an animated Aquaman movie tentatively to be titled Aquaman: Hero of Atlantis:

I went in on a general meeting with the DC guys and they mentioned how they are going to be making a new slate of animated movies about their characters, and I mentioned this storyline that I had for a cool Aquaman movie that was really scary and dark. And then they asked me to come back and tell them the full story. So I did.

And they literally bought it in the room--and since summer, I have been working on writing this animated Aquaman movie--tentatively called 'Aquaman: Hero of Atlantis'.
The film actually pits Aquaman and Ocean Master together fighting against The Kordax (a giant Kraken-like/Cloverfield-like monster). It's PG-13 so they are letting me get away with a lot more than what you would normally get in a Justice League animated feature."

I'm not sure what to think about this, if true. I'm going to do some investimigatin', and see what I can find out.

Thanks for the tip, Nick!

Update: Sorry to throw cold water on this, but a pretty well-informed source of mine at the WB told me this film is in no way "in production", so the proposed release date of 2011/2012 mentioned in the post seems like a pipe dream, at the very least.

I thought something seemed...fishy (sorry for all the unintentional puns, really) when I saw there's no mention of an Aquaman movie on Green's IMDB page. Any animated movie scheduled for 2011 would have to be in production already.

Update 2: Okay, after talking again to my contact (in a Washington D.C. parking garage), they were a little more specific: there's a regular slate of upcoming projects that is constantly revised, and this proposed PG-13 movie is nowhere on that slate.

That doesn't mean it wasn't at one point, or could be again, but as of now there is no plan to produce this movie. So perhaps Mr. Green was/is correct, but the follow-up release date on the blog is premature.

I guess we'll see...


IADW said...

Wow! If true it would be cool to see how Aquaman went into battle alongside Black Manta.

The PG13 surprises me though. With the past nervousness the WB has had over anything Aqua-related not selling, you would've thought they'd make it as accessible as possible.

Look forward to finding out what else you discover Rob!

Louie Joyce said...

Well, certainly exciting news if true. I really think DC should make an animated Aquaman movie at some point.

David J. Cutler said...

To be fair, the writer actually said it goes into production later this year, at the end. Maybe 2012? 2013?

Of course we all have our own ideas about what an Aquaman movie should be, but I'd be on board for this, odd as it sounds. I guess I'd prefer this to the betrayed by his brother who becomes Ocean master story we've seen twice now.

Steve said...

I agree with David Cutler that this would be better than nothing. I'd like to think they would keep any "dark" aspects to Kordax and Ocean Master and not make Arthur too dark. But I'm all for SOMETHING headlining Aquaman being made, so let's hope this is NOT YET rather than just NOT.

rob! said...

I was trying to be as vague as possible, since I'm not sure I could quote the person who gave me the info.

But let me say the person I talked to would know if there was a deal to make this movie, at all, and they told me there is no such plan.

Frankly, I think a PG-13 Aquaman movie would be a giant step BACK, after all the in-roads B&B has made with the character. Why alienate over half your audience with a PG-13 rating for an animated movie?

Nick Danger said...


I was so excited when I found this news. I hope that there's truth to it. I'd love to have an animated Aquaman movie. They've done Batman, Superman vs. Doomsday, Wonderwoman, Green Launtern... Aquaman deserves his day! Common Rob, you gotta give us more information! Don't dash our dreams like this without more info!

Nick Danger said...

By the way, did anyone notice that the Mercy Reef Pilot is going to be on the Crisis on two earths DVD? I think that's news worthy! :D

rob! said...


I don't know anything more than about this supposed movie than what's written on that blog. But from what I've been told by someone in authority, its not happening--even less than that, its a project my WB contact has never even heard of. So...I dunno, its very strange.

Btw, the Aquaman Pilot has been made available for before, with one of the Smallville boxed sets. Nice bonus on the Crisis DVD, though.

David J. Cutler said...

Rob- I dunno, the PG-13 angle is fine with me, since that's sort of the tone of all mainstream superhero comics since... 1986? Thereabouts? It would also put it in line with the pretty darn good Wonder Woman and Green Lantern DTDVD films, which had some blood and a bit of strong language, and were all the better for it. Kids love the Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men movies, don't see why they'd need the content softened too much for them in animation.

The "dark" part concerned me though, but honestly, at this point with Arthur having been dead since, what, 2006? 2007? I'm getting anxious to see something new where the character is the star, and getting more and more willing to look past things I disagree with. I'm even going to ignore that the Crisis DVD Aquaman has a 1991 mullet!

rob! said...

that's sort of the tone of all mainstream superhero comics

EXACTLY the reason they shouldn't do it! :) I'd like an Aquaman movie to appeal to a wide audience, not just fanboys like us.

This is probably a totally useless discussion anyway, because I'd bet the rent there is no movie.

But I'm open to being wrong!

Nick Danger said...

This has been some great conversation! Thanks for doing the research Rob. I'll cross my fingers until then. :D

Wings1295 said...

Ah, well. Good that there is excitement over the idea, right? Even if it is by all of us! :)

Brandan E said...

the interview with Adam is two years old. :( This just built me up to bring me down.

Wasn't the Wonder Woman movie rated PG13? That just had a couple of decapitations, I'm sure Aquaman would be fine under such guidelines.

Anonymous said...

OUTRAGEOUS! I just hope its classic Aquaman in it and not any other version (pirate, sword of atlantis, ect.)