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Monday, February 01, 2010

Brave and The Bold: "Clash of the Metal Men!"

Okay, so I sat down to watch last week's Brave and The Bold (as I do every week), safe in the knowledge that, this week at least, Aquaman would not be in it, so therefore I wouldn't have to concern myself with any B&B-themed post for Monday.

The show starts, and what do I see?:
...there's only one DC hero with that color scheme! It's Aquaman time on Brave and the Bold...again! Why not change the show's title to Surf & Turf and be done with it?

Anyway, this extra-welcome opening sequence features Batman and Aquaman taking care of some smugglers. Since they're just ordinary thugs, its quick work, and soon after Aquaman tells Batman about the autobiography he's writing: "20,000 Adventures Under the Sea!" Batman says he's waiting for the movie to come out (me, too!).

Batman says goodbye, and Aquaman does the same:
Back under the sea, Aquaman heads home to Atlantis. He's ready to tell his family (still going through all the mail that piled up while they were on vacation, I bet) about his adventure.

But when Mera and Arthur Jr. greet him, its not as he--or any of us--would expect:

Mera and Arthur Jr. try and attack Aquaman, and he has to find a way to defend himself without hurting his family, who are under the control of these...things. He creates a hard-water sword, and escapes out of the royal palace:
...man, do I love that Atlantean Palace--a beautiful-looking building. Mattel, get on that.

Anyway, Aquaman sees that Mera and Arthur Jr. are not the only ones taken over--it seems most of Atlantis has suffered the same fate! Its then Aquaman sees the possible culprit behind this--a baddie known as The Faceless Hunter!

Aquaman even tries to call on his dolphin friend Fluke, but even Aquaman's loyal companion has been gotten to. Then The Faceless Hunter pastes Aquaman one:
He tries to retaliate, but a throng of Atlantean citizens overtake him. While he's momentarily subdued, the Faceless Hunter hurls a starfish at Aquaman, with the expected results:
The Faceless Hunter, now having taken control of the seas, is ready to commence an attack on the Surface World! To be continued!

I've really been enjoying this multi-episode teaser storyline that's been running separately from the main Brave and the Bold stories. A couple of weeks ago The Challengers of the Unknown ran into what we all know is Starro The Conqueror, and now Aquaman. The show is clearly building towards something big...and slimy.

I decided I couldn't quite bring myself to pester Brave and the Bold Producer James Tucker (who has generously talked with the Shrine after the last three Aquaman-centric episodes) with questions about this super-short teaser, but I did want to mention the new poll we have up (upper right) and how it relates to some comments James made in previous interviews.

In our interview of January 12, I asked him how much he and the B&B staff would be interested in an Aquaman spin-off show, something we'd all love to see. His answer was, "
From your mouth to WB's ear. I'd be happy with just a Aquaman special or even a DTV."

Then, in our interview of January 26, I asked James what us Aqua-Fans could do to let the WB know how much we'd love to see an Aquaman DTV movie, or something to that effect. His instructions were: "
Keep watching the show and spreading the word. Ultimately, money talks, so buy the dvds, even the four episode only discs, because those sales count toward letting the powers that be know that you dig the show. Of course, letters and emails don't hurt. Be persistent but polite, and we'll see what happens."

So, to that end, our new poll will be the first of a two-stage process. Whether you'd prefer an Aquaman movie done in the Brave and the Bold style or one in the "DC Universe" format (like the recent Wonder Woman and Green Lantern DTV movies), at the end of the week we should have a good-sized number of votes for an Aquaman movie, period. So please vote!

The second stage is taking place over on Facebook, as an adjunct to my Aquaman Shrine's Facebook page. There's now a separate "Give Aquaman His Own Animated Movie" page, where people who want to send that message to the WB can do so via the crisp clarity of Facebook. Who knows? Maybe the WB will hear our voice and give Aquaman a chance at DTV stardom!

Okay, everybody, get votin'!

(By the way: I don't mean to slight the rest of the episode, where Batman teams up with The Metal Men. It was a great show, full of fun adventure, some good jokes
(with one gag I kinda can't believe they got away with), and a nice take on The Metal Men. If you didn't see it, catch it online!)


Randy said...

I remember seeing the Faceless Hunter of Saturn in an issue of DC Comics Presents. Superman teamed with the Forgotten Heroes (Animal Man, Congorilla, Dolphin, Dane Dorrance of the Sea Devils, Rick Flag and I think Cave Carson) to fight the Forgotten Villains (Enchantress, Atom Master, Mr. Poseidon and Ultivac).

The book came out just before the Crisis and I always thought he looked kinda cool. I hope Aquaman gets the upper-hand when this story is resolved.

Wings1295 said...

Great stuff! I missed it, again, doh!

But I voted & joined the Facebook page! Woohoo!

rob! said...

The Faceless Hunter looks cool, doesn't he? I can't wait for the big showdown with Starro!

Thanks! The Shrine's FB page has almost 350 fans, I don't see why we can't get that many votes for an animated movie!

Sean Tiffany said...

(with one gag I kinda can't believe they got away with)

Would that be the "sit on my face, Batman" gag?

rob! said...



Anonymous said...

Let's use the WHALES guys!