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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blackest Night #7 - April 2010

Comics Weekend "Blackest Night" by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, and Joe Prado.

The penultimate issue of Blackest Night!

This issue opens with about a bajillion heroes taking on Nekron:
Black Hand also continues his violent assault, and he is temporarily stopped by The Scarecrow, who has become one of the Lanterns. Lex Luthor, also one of the newly-christened Lanterns, sees this, and becomes overwhelmed by a lust for power.

He grabs The Scarecrow's ring, puts it on his own finger, then goes after Mera:
After a cut away to the skies above Coast City, where our heroes are helped by approximately ten thousand Lanterns (in an impressive two-page shot), we see a brief moment where The Atom helps keep Luthor off of Mera:
Unfortunately for us Mera fans, that's her final appearance in the book (thankfully, none of the zombie members of the Aqua Family show up at all).

Black Hand kills one of the Guardians, a dark truth is revealed, and it ends with Sinestro taking command and ending up more powerful than he has ever been before. Uh-oh!

To be concluded!


Kenny L said...

This issue was fantastic, but when I first started reading this series I was under the impression that Black Lantern Aquaman would have a lot more to do with it...

I suppose he'll have to have a spotlight next issue, though.

Airship Over Water said...

Yet another great issue in the great series. I'm really curious to see how this is all going to end up. Will Sinsestro get anyone else to join him, or will he go head to head with Nekron?

And once again, it's great to see the emphasis on the other Corps and their members -- even if some of them are deputized. Mera and Atom have just stolen the spotlight.

I just hope that when all is said and done, we get a living and breathing Aquaman (which will likely happen) and a living and breathing Garth (which...is in question).

JRainey said...

I thought Aquaman would play a bigger role in Blackest Night as well. From what I understand he will play a bigger role in Brightest Day.

Wings1295 said...

I just thought of something that made me a bit upset: I hope we don't get Aquaman back due to the SACRIFICE of MERA!

Ugh, that wouldn't be good.

David J. Cutler said...

"We cannot let him remove Mera's ring, Atom. It has stopped her heart. She will die."

Ugh. Why won't I like the sound of that? DC loves reminding you how great an old forgotten toy was just before smashing it right in front of you with a hammer. Was all this focus on Mera just to make fans care more when she ends up being a casualty of this color-ring war?

I'm beginning to suspect as much.

Joe Huber said...

Blue lantern light has the power to reverse/remove red lantern light. Hal was possessed by it once and Saint Walker removed it. Don't give up hope yet. I don't think that they would go to all of this trouble just to kill off Mera, just as much as I don't think Sinestro will still continue to be the bearer of his new power. Especially since Dove was so close.

I know that this is grim and dark, but it's the first event where I've actually wanted to buy all of the tie-ins and will buy in hardback as well. I picked up the Zombie Aquaman figure last week and actually like it.

David J. Cutler said...

I'm not against the event--I quite enjoyed it as these things go. DC just has a habit of reminding you how cool something used to be and then raping that something and setting it on fire to add "importance" to the story. Mera is the most obscure character on Hal's rainbow squad... I dunno. I worry.

Airship Over Water said...

I can say with relative certainty that Mera is not going to die or be leaving the DCU anytime soon. Johns has expressed how much he loves the character and he praises her for not being just "Aquawoman".

He put her front and center in Blackest Night along with Ray Palmer and Barry Allen (other characters he loves and has been vocal about) so if she dies anytime soon, it won't be his doing.

With him being a big wig at DCU now, I doubt he'll let her fade away. I seem to even recall him saying that she will play a big role in Brightest Day.

Airship Over Water said...

OH! And one other thing! I'm just rambling a bit but this thought crossed my mind.

I remember that when Garth was taken as a Black Lantern his last emotion he emitted was HOPE as he hoped that the real Tula was inside the Black Lantern version of her. When he emitted that emotion, he was vulnerable.

What I hope will happen is that somehow, Garth could be restored because of his hope as a Blue Lantern -- thus he could then cancel out Mera's rage. Then they could work together on getting Arthur back.

It's a wacky and unlikely theory, but I'd love to see it! :)

Joe Slab said...

And just to confirm, Johns has gone on record as saying that the Mera/Black Manta dynamic will be a major plot thread of Brightest Day. He has not stated how Aquaman's return will play into the series...