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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Aqua Poll Results #4

The results of our fourth Aqua Poll are in, and there was a total of 145 votes cast.

Over whether the first Aquaman DTV movie should be a "DC Universe" film or a Brave and the Bold spin-off, it wasn't even very close:
...the poll allowed multiple votes, but even still I was little surprised to see how many more of you wanted to see a DC Universe Aquaman movie, despite Brave and the Bold's relentless promotion of the character.

I would guess that would have to do with B&B's generally comedic tone, while presumably a DC Universe feature would be more serious in tone. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Just a reminder: If you haven't yet, please join the "Give Aquaman An Animated Movie" page over on Facebook, and check out the page's first contest!

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