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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Batman: Brave and the Bold #13 - March 2010

Comics Weekend "Night of the Batmen" by Sholly Fisch, Robert Pope, and Scott McRae.

Aquaman and some of his fellow heroes guest-star in this week's issue of Brave and the Bold!

During a team-up between Batman and Angel and the Ape(!), Bats is injured by a falling tree and breaks his leg. With Batman out of commission, crime in Gotham City is going wild!:
With Robin too busy to fill in for him, other heroes come up with their own plans to come to Gotham and pick up the slack, including Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel...and Aquaman!:
Captain Marvel--dressed as Bats--takes on Bane and Killer Croc, who are not used to facing a Batman that can punch their lights out with one shot.

Green Arrow stops Deadshot from a diamond heist. His partner in the caper, The Penguin, grabs the biggest rock in the shop and takes off, leaving his unconscious fellow villain behind:
...didn't Penguin learn in "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!" not to tussle with the Sea King?

Plastic Man interrupts the Catwoman during a robbery, but she quickly deduces this isn't the real Batman. A quick kiss on the cheek, reducing Plas to a pile of plastic goo, proves it.

Suddenly, there's an explosion in the middle of town, and our four erstwhile Batmen meet up. Good thing they're together, because the cause of the explosion is...The Joker!

Captain Marvel and Plas stop The Joker's poison gas balloon from causing harm, and Green Arrow and Aquaman grab the Joker. Except, when they grab the Clown Prince of Crime on either side, they find themselves holding the bag. Or, rather, the arms:
Yes, the real Batman is back!

Thanks to a cybernetic exoskeleton, Batman can resume his one man war on crime. He's a bit nonplussed to see so many fake Batmen, but it just gets worse: in a few moments, more Batmen (really The Atom, B'Wana Beast, Black Canary, Red Tornado, Guy Gardner, and Bronze Tiger) arrive!

Batman thinks that's all of them, until the Batmen of Other Nations also show up to lend a hand! Batman counts this as "Too much of a good thing!" The end!

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Rick L. Phillips said...

I loved this story. It would have made a good episode of the cartoon series. Don't forget that Catwoman may have reduced Plastic Man to a puddle of plastic with her kiss, he still captured her.