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Friday, January 22, 2010

Blammoids Ad - 2010

This ad for the upcoming line of "Blammoids" figures is running on the inside cover the latest issue of Toyfare (#151).

Obviously, this will put a smile on any Aqua-Fan's face, focusing as it does on the Sea King, even over bigger names like Batman and Green Lantern*.

I haven't seen if there are any other DC Direct/Blammoids ads currently running anywhere, maybe they've put together a series of them, making each character in this first wave the focus? That seems like an extraordinarily large expense, so for now I'm assuming this is sole ad for the Blammoids.

If so, I feel I must paraphrase the movie Team America, and say Aquaman, F**k yeah!

*According to DC Comics. The Aquaman Shrine does not endorse the view that Green Lantern is a bigger "star" than Aquaman.


Kachi said...

I picked up my Aquaman Blammoid on new comic day yesterday... He sits proudly on my shelf :)

Russell said...

This is probably the ugliest figure I've ever seen....but, yes, I will buy one.

Wings1295 said...

It is quite different. And yeah, love that the ad puts Aquaman front and center!

Orin's dad said...

I haven't seen these yet, but will be picking one up as soon as I can find one. They're cool in a funky, weird sort of way. Would love to see the Blammoid take on Black Manta and Ocean Master too. The ad totally rocks! Any idea if this was done in poster form as well? Or ws it just house ads in comics?

Joe Huber said...

These sold out in my area before I could even see them.

Rick L. Phillips said...

The ad is good but these look like the dumbest toys I have ever seen. Even if they put one with plastic man out I wouldn't buy it.

Doug said...

I got sucked in to this one. Got Firestorm, who happens to be short-packed according to the LCS. You know who else is short-packed? Aquaman.