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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aquaman Shrine iPhone App

Hey Aqua-Fans, do you enjoy The Aquaman Shrine but just can't live without checking in on it at a moment's notice, like during a wedding or funeral? Well, then, The Aquaman Shrine iPhone App is for you!

You can now go to iTunes and download the app--completely for free--and check out each day's posts without having to mess with the tedious few seconds it takes to reach it via your keyboard.

I've been messing around with it the last week or two, and I have to admit, its kinda fun, bopping around the last week's worth of material in such a speedy way. Plus you get to have Arthur's big mug on your iPhone screen, 24-7!

Special thanks to F.O.A.M.er Joe Huber for the idea!


Dennis Doucette said...

Any chance there will be an app for the android market place???

IADW said...

Wow, that's an awesome idea Rob!

rob! said...


Its done through a company called MotherApp, have no idea if they make apps for non-Mac phones. I'll ask.


Thanks! Its part of my World Dominance Program (TM).

Wings1295 said...

Cool! I am way behind in my technology, but cool anyway! :)

Kachi said...

YES! I'm always checking out the shrine through the browser. It really speeds things up to have an app (and it'll help my phone look cool). Thanks, Rob!

Richard said...

Scared now.

(And I used to work in the Mac shareware field so this is nothing new to me, but still...scared now.)

rob! said...

I will, ever so slowly, take possession of Aquaman from DC Comics.

Joe Huber said...

I've been loving having the app! It does make my iPod look cool, and the App is really amazing.

I've found that since I purchased the Touch, I use my laptop less and less, and it is nice to access the shrine at one touch!

Thank you Rob! for looking into my idea and running with it!
Reading the Sunday editions of More Fun with it has been a blast!