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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vs. Deck Box

This very handsome Vs. card deck box was sent to me by generous F.O.A.M. member John Lijewksi III.

Decorated with a nifty Alex Ross painting (you can see Aquaman there on the bottom left), the magnetized flap opens as one piece, and inside you can store a number of the smaller metal tins that you can keep the cards in. All in all, a very spiffy package.

Click the graphic to get a better glimpse at Ross' painting, and thanks Jon!


Russell said...

I've never seen this before. Is it something for sale, or do you have to order it? I've seen the poster for these cards and always thought it was cool, but this looks like a very cool storage box.

Grears said...

Russell... There may be one left at my LCS- I'll see if I can get one... I picked one up for the image of the Flash on the lower right hand side...


JoséVC said...

I bought this one a couple of years ago at my local comic book store and love it. Aquaman is featured in all four tins. I have never opened the cards that come with it LOL. I also got the one with the Avengers which also feature are by Ross. They were like $28 each... a little expensive but it was worth it.