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Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Fun Comics #89 - March 1943

Comics Weekend "The Streamlined Buccaneers" by Mort Weisinger and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

By the way, I am digging this issue's cover, by Cliff Young. I'm a sucker for the whole "Crime Does Not Pay" motif, and check out how close Green Arrow came to doing a William Burroughs on two of the crooks!

Anyway, in this issue's Aquaman adventure, his arch-foe Blackjack returns, convinced that--this time!--his plan to get rid of Aquaman once and for all will work. Let's see how he does...
Blackjack, having announced he and his men should abandon their ship The Jolly Roger, think their boss's cheese has slipped off his cracker.

One of them has the guts to pipe up and question Blackjack's plan, and we see that Blackjack treats his henchmen with all the loyalty of the Joker in a bad mood:
Blackjack's plan involves leaving their old ship adrift and taking up in a new one, which will hopefully confuse Aquaman.

His henchmen are still a little dubious, but they are impressed when their new ship sprouts wings, enabling it to take flight! It's a sea-plane, by gar!

After Blackjack and his crew sink another vessel (after climbing aboard and stealing the contents of its safe), they take off for "A hideout Aquaman will never find!"

Speaking of, Aquaman gets word from his seal friend Ark, who tells him about the crewmen left floating in the ocean after Blackjack's attack. Aquaman, with the help of some seals, rescues all of them, and takes them to a nearby island, where its Governor and citizenry are waiting for him.

After safely dropping the men off, Aquaman heads back out to sea:
Aquaman rocks the small dingy Blackjack and his men are in, dumping them into the drink. They fire their tommy-guns at him, but Aquaman escapes unharmed.

Blackjack and his men make it back to the Jolly Roger II, and they plan to fly off again. But Aquaman's pal Ark rounds up hundreds of turtles, and has them crawl onto the ship, weighing it down so its too heavy to take off!

Blackjack hacks at the turtles with an axe, driving some of them off. Aquaman reappears, but Blackjack snags him with a mechanical lasso (man, this Jolly Roger II is one souped-up ride!).

Aquaman is once again Blackjack's prisoner:
Blackjack has a real Ahab-thing going on concerning Aquaman...even his crew notice it.

Blackjack stuffs Aquaman in an "electric heating cabinet", and he plans to siphon the oxygen out of it until Aquaman asphyxiates. But Aquaman, being at least a few steps ahead of Blackjack in the smarts department, asks to be roasted instead:
Aquaman is free, and he gets a school of whales and a...something of electric eels to help him catch Blackjack and his gang once and for all.

The whales shoot rivers of water from their blowholes, propelling Aquaman and the eels onto a cliff where Blackjack and his men are. Surprising the crooks, Aquaman just starts swinging!
I hope the Navy finds a way to keep Blackjack in the brig this time--Aquaman can't keep up this every-other-month pace!

I find panel four of the above page disturbing, where you just see the hands of one of Blackjack's crew sticking out from the pile of eel. I wonder if Blackjack finished this caper with the same number of crewmen he started it with?

Before we go, remember this:


Richard Duncan said...

Haha. Rob, your closing comment was as good as some of Scipio's best on the Absorbascon. (That's meant as a high compliment.)

Russell said...

I'm curious...what exactly is a "Williams Burroughs on two of the crooks" that Green Arrow appears to be doing...a labotomy?

rob! said...


Thanks. I'm consciously aping Scipio's style on these.


William Burroughs supposedly was playing William Tell with his wife, and shot her in the head. To me, it looks like GA is getting mighty close to doing the same to two of the crooks.