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Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Fun Comics #88 - Feb. 1943

Comics Weekend "The Man Who Chased The Rainbow" by Mort Weisinger and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

While Speedy sleeps through his mentor's rescue attempt, we'll take a look at this issue's Aquaman story:
This undersea explorer, John Wilson, finds what he is looking for: a mysterious golden triangle, on the floor of the sea. He tries to grab it, but is clamped down upon by a giant clam.

Aquaman helps free Wilson of the clam, and Wilson tells him what he's searching for--a large and colorful disc:
Wilson shows Aquaman the mysterious diary he's following, but won't mention who wrote it. Aquaman is okay with this (nice guy, that Aquaman!) and goes along to help Wilson out finding the other items.

Meanwhile, a shifty-looking guy named Rocky Logan (great name!) is watching all this from afar. Oh, and Rocky doesn't take to being questioned well:
Aquaman helps Wilson find his second item, another colorful disc. On the surface, Rocky Logan takes over the ship he's sailing on, with plans to steal Wilson's bounty!

Logan, with the help of his men, set fire to Wilson's ship:
Aquaman finds the final two colored discs Wilson's been searching for, the first one of them inside an undersea volcano. The second is in a glacier, but just before Aquaman can get it, Rocky Logan shows up to nab it himself!:
Without their guns, Logan and his gang are relatively helpless. Aquaman sets them adrift (with enough food and water to last until they're rescued), and finds the final disc.

He gives them all to Wilson, who inserts them into a telescope aimed for Mars. The light from the planet reveals each of the discs' hidden message, which spells out a series of directions.

Little does Aquaman know, Rocky Logan hid a radio on board their small boat, and they are rescued ahead of schedule. He hires a plane and follows Aquaman and Wilson to the cave the discs led them to:
...with that upbeat ending, Aquaman is off for another adventure!

Rocky Logan seems very Blackjack-ish, in his m.o. and his general attitude. I wonder if Mort Weisinger (or whoever wrote this, no one seems to be sure) worried they were over-using Aquaman's one bona-fide super-villain, so they created the creepy-looking Rocky Logan?

The art by Louis Cazeneuve is fine, but there was one panel in this story that really caught my eye:
There's something about the perspective of this panel, seeing Aquaman partly under the surface, while also seeing the ship in the background, that I thought looked really spiffy. Nice job, Mr. C!

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Josh Hill said...

was bummed that we didn't get any snow this morning here in NY, but at least I still get my yellow gloved Aquaman fix!