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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Breaking News - "Outrageous!"

sgF.O.A.M.er Richard Duncan sent me part of a press release from Warner Bros. animation, featuring a rundown of the new episode of Brave and the Bold scheduled to air in January.

Its a safe assumption most of you reading this already watch the show, but you definitely need to set your Tivo, DVD player, VHS machine, or whatever for this:

Friday, Jan. 8: "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!"

Aquaman attempts to take a family vacation with Mera and Arthur Jr., but can't resist helping heroes along the way.

...I cannot wait for this one! Thanks Richard!


Andy Luckett said...

Now that sounds like a fun premise, Rob! And hopefully we'll get a speaking part for Mera and get to see Arthur Jr. And some crazy obscure Aqua-villains would be fun too (Fisherman, Scavenger, The Awesome Threesome, maybe?) Who knows? But it sounds like a lot of fun.

Wings1295 said...

An Aqua-gift for us all! :)