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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Breaking News - Aquaman Pilot

sgOkay, this really isn't breaking news, per se, but its something I feel compelled to mention.

Warner Bros. is making a big deal that they are including the un-aired Aquaman TV pilot as part of their upcoming Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths animated movie. A number of people have written me to tell me the news, with links to different sites featuring versions of the official press release.

In every press release, the mention of the Aquaman pilot is followed by the phrase "Never Before Released", which is about as far away from being true as possible, in that its not.

The Aquaman pilot was included with some of the Smallville boxed sets way back in 2007, and its easily found by itself on eBay (which is where I got mine, when I reviewed the pilot). So, as they say, don't believe the hype!

Don't get me wrong--I think its a nice bonus for them to include, but as soon as I first read that bit of news, it never occurred to me to cover it here, because it was so demonstrably untrue.

Sorry for any confusion, current and prospective F.O.A.M. members!


Tim said...

The one with Justin Hartley? Yeah, I bought it off iTunes right after the plug got pulled on the series. In fact, just checked, it's still on iTunes for a buck, ninety-nine.

I wonder though, if the fact that it's getting a little hype with this means that the series is getting some reconsideration? Probably just wishful thinking . . .

rob! said...

I'd say its definitely wishful thinking--star Justin Hartley is firmly established as Green Arrow now, and the producers of Smallville who made the Aquaman pilot aren't even on the show anymore.

Still, nice of them to add it--its a nice bonus.

Wings1295 said...

Hah - Previously unreleased my butt. I paid for and downloaded my copy from iTunes back a few years!

Russell said...

However for hold-outs like me, who already had that season of SMALLVILLE it was attached to, and who doesn't buy videos from itunes, it will be my way of finally getting a copy. :-)

Doug said...

I also downloaded it from iTunes just under a year ago. When I got my Nano for Christmas last year, this was the first thing I put on it!

Anonymous said...

I think they are getting away with it only because the original disk release that was included with the Smalleville box sets for a limited time was a store only exclusive. Best Buy I think?