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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1000 Comic Books You Must Read

This is the cover to the massive tome 1000 Comic Books You Just Read, written by comics legend (and friend of the Shrine!) Tony Isabella.

I saw that this book had come out wanted to pick up a copy, but hadn't gotten around to it before F.O.A.M. Russell "Quick Draw" Burbage emailed to tell me that some solo Aquaman comics made the list! Outrageous!

Russell also helpfully sent me scans of the Aqua-centric pages in question:
I didn't post scans big enough so you could read the text, because you should go out and by the book, which you can do by clicking below:

Thanks Russell, and thanks to Tony for writing the book--I'm looking forward to the sequel, 1000 Aquaman Comics You Must Read!


Russell said...

Tony is a great guy I've met a few times at Mid-Ohio Con (he lives in Cleveland, I live in Columbus). This past year he graciously signed my DCU Black Lightning figure, which I have hanging up in front of me as I write this.

The best thing about this book for us Aqua-fans is the comment for SHOWCASE 30: "His SHOWCASE appearance won the Sea King his own book. Since then, his appearances on multiple cartoon series have made him a household name." You got that right, Tony! In your face, Green Lantern!!!! :-)

PS, that's Aquaman on the cover of the book, lower left on the spline, on the cover of JLA 16. Nice! (Kinda cool that Namor gets the upper left corner, haha)

Josh Hill said...

I like the looks of that Aquaman no. 56. I may have to seek that out.