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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ocean Master Paper Doll

I found this ginormous package (standing about knee high) on my doorstep last Saturday, sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Mac Schafer.

Inside was another of Mac's beautifully idiosyncratic paper dolls representing members of the AquaFamily. This time it was Mac's newest creation, Ocean Master!
I think I love Orm's oddly-shaped cape most of all; it gives the whole piece a kind of angular, Rankin-Bass type feel that I really like. I can just picture Mac's Aqua-Family dolls breaking into song.

Mac sent me a picture of it a week or two ago, and when I told him how much I liked it he generously decided to send it to me. But that's not at all! Inside the Box O'AquaFun was another of Mac's paper dolls--Aqualad!
I had previously done a post on the Aqualad paper doll, but I didn't have it in my collection until now. As you can see, despite their past differences, Garth and Orm are getting along:
It was exceedingly generous of Mac to send me these beauties, just, as he put it, "as a way so thanks for the Aquaman Shrine." The Shrine is such a labor of love for me, I feel like I don't deserve gifts for putting it together--its me who should be thanking all of you!

And that's why I decided to post this today, on Thanksgiving. Not to be all corny, but I am very thankful for all of you out there who come by and check out what I'm doing, and send me stuff to use or just something you think I'll find interesting. Its greatly appreciated, and I'm humbled by all the support the Shrine is shown on a regular basis.

And special thanks to Mac, I love 'em!

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Wings1295 said...

Thanks to you, Rob, for always making this a place of great fun for all us Aqua-fans!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Orin's dad said...

I also would like to thank you Rob, for everything you do with the Shrine. It totally rocks and I am very thankful for my daily "Aqua-fix".

Happy Thanksgiving!

Russell said...

I feel like the Aqua-gauntlet has been thrown down, Rob! The next time I send you something in the mail I'll have to step up my package designing. :-)