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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Justice League Trading Cards - 2009

Originally scheduled for a summer release, the Justice League of America Archives trading card set finally hit comics stores last week. The above cards are three Aqua-related examples of the card fronts, which each feature a moment from the original Justice League of America comic.

The back of each card features the cover of the book that the front scene is taken from:
Overall, these are nice cards--sturdily made, and they make for an attractive package. I like the overall graphic design, and the lack of stuff gumming up the main image is cool--just the JLA logo, that's all you need!

That said, it might have been nice if each card could have had a little factoid about the particular issue, or even the JLA in general. Right now, they're just a series of pretty pictures. Not that that's a bad thing, but I think there could've been a little more.

Like the DC Legacy trading card set, some packs feature one-of-a-kind "sketch cards", and I managed to score one my first time out! Not only that, but I got an Aquaman!
I don't recognize the art style, or the signature, so I don't know who did this piece, but I'm jazzed that I got a one-of-a-kind Aquaman sketch!

I'll probably pick up a couple more packs of these cards at least, not sure I'm going to make the effort of trying to amass the whole set. If anyone else is buying them, let me know and if I end up with other sketch cards I'd always be up for a trade!


Rick L. Phillips said...

you were ment to have that card,

Russell said...

Wow, Rob, I bought a pack on Saturday, scanned the ones I have on Sunday, and forgot to send them to you yesterday. It's like we're living on parallel worlds.

Not only that, but I TOTALLY agree with you about these cards. They're nice for what they are, but as a whole...eh. What I found especially odd is the choice of art. For example, in my pack I got JLA 21 and the Creeper guest star issue (69?). JLA 21's card features the same scene as the cover (albeit by Sekowsky and not Anderson, and from the JSAers' point of view, but still). And JLA 69's card features the JLA sitting around, much like the art you show for JLA 64 above! No sign of the Creeper!! I find that a little strange.

Won't be picking up any more of these at $3.50 a pop, but if/when they go on clearance I may buy some more. :-)

Wings1295 said...

Interesting. Good as a gift, but I wouldn't rush out to get them.

Oh, like Rick said, serendipity with you & the sketch card! :)

Unknown said...

I agree that they could be better, but mannn, they were the coolest thing I got when I picked up my reserve at ATF! last Wednesday. That counts for something.

IADW said...

Always loved that protest cover - least of which for the Atom's balloon lol how they continually designed ways to work him into the cover in miniature was always hardcase.

Good score in getting the Aqua-sketch first time round!