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Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

Now that Halloween has come and gone, a couple of F.O.A.M. members sent me pics of themselves dressed as the Sea King!

The above shot is of Shawn Myers, featuring a homemade Aqua-suit in what he calls "Filmation-style Aquaman." Pretty nifty--I love the somewhat muted colors.

The following is of John Lijewksi:
John is wearing the same kind of suit I wore back during Halloween 2007, which I found uncomfortable as hell. But John didn't think it was too bad, and adds:

"My kids have said I'm not to leave the house with it on, which I took as they want me to pick them up from school in it."

Ouch! John plays to win.

Thank for the pics guys, and happy belated Halloween!


Anonymous said...

WOW! They are both awesome, but I really like John's fins and his gold trident in the background!

Wings1295 said...

Ha! Great costumes! And John sounds like a typical dad! :)

Jason G. said...

I was looking for a good trident for my Aquaman costume and couldn't find one. I'm trying to avoid having to make one, since I'm not the arts and crafty tyoe.