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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breaking News - Dan Didio Interview

sgF.O.A.M. member Jeff Baab just sent me a link to an interview on CBR with Dan Didio, and of course the subject of Aquaman comes up:

We're talking about Green Lantern, we're talking about Flash, and it's funny, because even five years ago you wouldn't expect to hear the words "Green Lantern" and "major event" together or "Flash" and "anticipated launch." It seems that the care that everyone has put towards these, some would say, "B-List" characters who aren't Superman or Batman, has paid off. Looking forward, I know Geoff has commented on enjoying writing the Aquaman characters in "Blackest Night..."

Oh, here comes the Aquaman question. [Laughs] I'll tell you what, I'll answer this if you can name me five Aquaman villains.

OK, there's Black Manta. There's Atlan the Wizard. There's the Fisherman, who's pretty terrible but still an Aquaman villain. There's obviously Ocean Master. And finally...I'll go with Kordax.

All right, good. [Pause] And your question was? (Laughter)

Aquaman in 2010. Is he the next hero you guys are going to try and develop up beyond the place he's been in recent years?

I think presenting strong Aquaman stories, if there's an Aquaman in the DC Universe, because right now he's dead--although we know there will always be "an Aquaman" in the DC Universe. He's one of those characters. I don't think he's in the same tier as Green Lantern and Flash. In fact, I'd probably rank them higher than the "B-list" ranking you gave them. As you see the numbers Green Lantern and Flash are drawing, it's clear that they're in the A-list now in the DC Universe. We have five primary characters--Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman--and we try to treat them like our A-list. The fact that we're able to strengthen, stabilize and actually build franchises around Flash and Green Lantern I think makes the DCU overall a lot stronger.

I don't know whether or not Aquaman can bring that level of heat to the DC Universe. There's a lot of interest in him. There's always been an Aquaman series that seems to have strayed from place to place or change directions on occasion. What we would like to do if we brought back Aquaman, is give him the same treatment we gave Hawkman, which is to give him a very clear, concise direction that felt true to the character and his past history that also presented him with a fine interpretation to be built upon."

There's some stuff here that I totally agree with; there's some other stuff that makes me want to pound my head on the nearest hard surface.


Russell said...

I really don't think I like this guy. I'm glad I'm not buying too many DC comics any more. I won't until this guy is gone. Grrrr...

IADW said...

Aquaman - cant bring the same level of heat to the DCU as the Flash? Don't get me wrong everyone likes the Scarlet Speedster, but the 'speed force' vs the Kindom of Atlantis? Aquaman is more mythic on many levels.

All Aquaman needs is an honest vision, good stories, and the support of DC editorial to stay on one direction without getting blown off course every 12 issues.

Wings1295 said...

Argh is right! How many people, no comics fans I mean, can look at Green Lantern or maybe even Flash and know their name right off the bat? Aquaman is recognizable to almost everyone!


David J. Cutler said...

He gets asked "the Aquaman question" about 7000 times a year, and still no action. I'd hoped Blackest Night was building toward an Aquaman revival, but no dice I guess.

All Aquaman, like almost any character, needs is an A-list writer and artist who have a clear vision to spend some time laying groundwork. There's an audience for a great Aquaman book--but with a few exceptions, there hasn't been a decent Aquaman solo story in decades.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

For the love of... First of all I can't believe anyone would think of Green Lantern and Flash as "B" listers. And why does no-one understand teh great story potential of Aquaman? How can they expect results out of a comic they won't put anything into?

There's a reason I've given up on modern superhero comics in favor of Silver Age reprints.

I think DC needs a "do over" and I don't mean a "Crisis".

Wil Radcliffe said...

All I have to say is, how many times have Green Lantern and Flash been on "Family Guy"? Aquaman is practically a regular on the show!

Did anyone see him on Sunday's second show? I don't think Flash or Green Lantern have that kind of pop culture recognition. They didn't even have to mention his name.

R Duncan said...

From another recent Didio interview (Question 9)(http://www.newsarama.com/comics/091109-DiDio-10-Answers-Zatanna.html)

Is the next project for Ivan Reis a team book?

DiDio: No. It is not.
Nrama: But it is with Geoff Johns, correct? Newsarama has talked to Ivan twice in the last year, and both times he indicated his next project wasn't Green Lantern related, but it would be Geoff writing.
DiDio: Yes. He has a major project with Geoff that he's working on, but it's also my hope that he might take on one or two special issues in the DCU in the early- to mid-portion of 2010 once he completes Blackest Night. We're also going to need to give him a long rest after this, because he's probably the hardest working person in comics right now.
Nrama: Not a team book. So it's a single hero kind of thing?
Didio: Yeah! It's only one character's name in the title.
Nrama: Is it a character that likes to get wet?
DiDio: [laughs] No, it's not Aquaman. It's not Aquaman. But it is a character with a single name in his title.


Anonymous said...

DiDio has done what Darkseid has never been able to do - destroy the DC Universe!

Josh Hill said...

I have to say, despite the specific comments here, I do believe there will be a new Aquaman series of some sort next year. I just think DiDio doesn't want to spoil the surprise, and he's just being honest about his concerns (I may not agree with those concerns, but I can accept that he has them, it's his opinion, he's free to have it). Honestly, I don't think DC would be giving this much spotlight to Mera and Black Lantern Aquaman if something wasn't in place.

Anonymous said...

"there's some other stuff that makes me want to pound my head on the nearest hard surface."

More like the head of a certain Editor-in-chief. Not that it would help, mine you, because he STILL doesn't have a clue as to what makes Aquaman cool.

And that list of Aquaman's villains should have DC Editorial at the top of the list. Because over the years, they've done more damage to him than any ficticious bad guy.

Cindy Healy

Anonymous said...

MY GOD, I HATE DAN DIDIO! DC's giving "D-Listers" like Manhunter, Batwoman, The (friggin') Question, and even Captain Atom a chance at their own title or co-feature, but not Aquaman?!?!?! a character people actually want to read about!!!

DC fans should unite and sign a petition to get this guy FIRED from DC (or at least just to demonstrate how against Didio's ways dc fans are !!!)


Anonymous said...

He's still > Quesada, though.

I guess we have to accept that Aquaman will always have that Super Friends stigma around him (kind of like how Batman will never shake the Adam West stigma) Which leads to opinions like this.

Anonymous said...

Didio looks like Krankor (MSTies will get this reference)

Jason G. said...

I started a new thread about this subject over on the DC Message Board. My main concern with this interview is that Didio is really showing us how he feels about Aquaman. This is the guy who can extol the virtues of an ongoing MAGOG series (for the love of Vulko), but can't find a positive thing to say about Arthur? Ever hear of a self-fulfilling prophecy Dan? If you don't believe that Aquaman can generate the same heat that GL and Flash do, then you won't necessarily put any resources into making the opposite happen.