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Friday, November 13, 2009

Brave and the Bold #32 Event

Okay, I decided that the plan for February's Brave and the Bold #32 is this: in lieu of a drive to have Aqua-Fans buy multiple copies (which, in the end, wouldn't translate in prolonged heightened sales for any new Aquaman series) I'm going to create a series of banners that anyone can take and put on their own blogs to promote the book.

The banner you see above measures 291x410, which is the width of the graphics I post here. If anyone wants a banner at a different size, please leave me a comment below with the size you need and I will create it and post it here! Also, f you place a banner on your blog, please email me the link so I can create a master list of all the blogs that are helping the Shrine get the word out!

I am not under any illusion that there is much the Shrine or anyone can do to influence the decision of a company the size of DC Comics--there's simply too many levels of influence, too many people, too many business decisions, that go into these things, and I realize our little blog here probably isn't going to sway DC one way or the other.

Some would say considering the way Aquaman is treated by his corporate owners, DC doesn't deserve all this effort in their behalf, and there's some truth to that.

But like I've said many times before, I want The Aquaman Shrine to be as positive a place as possible (say that three times fast!), and I like to think all our collective efforts mean something, even if, in the end, its just for our own satisfaction.

But here's our chance to tell DC as directly as possible and in the manner corporations understand the most--money--that there's a lot of us Aqua-Fans out there, and we want to see him return to the pages of DC Comics!

I've created a label (as well as
a graphic that will be placed on the sidebar), for this specific event so you can keep up to date with news on the effort--and there will be some, I promise!

Semper Aqua!


Wings1295 said...

Very cool, Rob!

The button/badge is up on my blog, with a link back to the "Showing posts with label brave and bold 32 event." link on your site.

Caffeinated Joe

rob! said...

Thanks Joe!

IADW said...

Hey Rob!

Great badge! My blogpost with that banner in will pop up in just over two hours time (wanted to give the Michael Turner commemorative Supergirl cover a little time first).

I've also stuck the smaller one in the sidebar, and hyperlinked it back.

Thanks heaps!


Aaron said...

I have added the banner to Silver Age Gold and included a link back to the Shrine!

Andy Luckett said...

Right on, Robbo!

Now if I only had a blog to put the banner and graphic on...

These little details are killing me.

Josh Hill said...

I like that we are going to try to keep a positive vibe with this. I'm gonna do my best to put out the good word, too.

misterperturbed said...

The banner is on my blog as well. Additionally I have retweeted it and a link to this entry.

My primary blog is: http://misterperturbed.blogspot.com/