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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brave and the Bold #32 Event, Part 3

We're gaining steam! Rev. O.J Flow over at Newsarama just wrote a nice piece for the Blogs@Newsarama page all about the GOTW effort for Brave and the Bold #32!

Thanks Rev.!


R Duncan said...

Rob, I'm trying to post this at OJ Flow's blog but it seems to be down now. I will try again later.

Seriously. What is wrong with DC? Aquaman shines in Smallville, Entourage, DC Direct, Batman: Brave & Bold, DC Super-Friends, Wednesday Comics...he even had his own postage stamps. He would have had a TV series, if the WB Network hadn't imploded. How could you expect any character to have a higher profile? DC Direct just announced yet ANOTHER Aquaman statue. Plus, Mera's a standout in Blackest Night.

Aquaman is an A-Lister everywhere except in the minds of the powers-that-be at DC Comics. Krypto and the Legion had their own cartoons. Aquaman should have a shot, too. A monthly comic, if ever done right, should be a no-brainer.

(PS to Rev OJ FLow: The Aquaman Shrine and Rob Kelly deserve to be spotlighted as a feature on the main newsarama.com page.)

rob! said...


Re: Paragraphs 1 & 2--I could not agree with you more. Aquaman's "Q" rating is huge, way beyond Flash and Green Lantern. But Barry and Hal get the greater push because they sell comics and Aquaman has had a much tougher time at that.

But they also outsell Wonder Woman (doesn't everybody?), but DC never fails to promote her.

Re: Paragraph 3: I don't think I can objectively comment. :)

Jason G. said...

Rob! I'm just thankful that we have your site as a focal point for the love of Aquaman. I've actually gone from jaded pessimism to the hope that we could actually make a difference. It really is bewlidering why more isn't being done with Aquaman at DC. It's like they don't want my money or something.

For my part, I've decided to ask my LCS owner to order extra copies for me to buy. I'm then going to have her give the extras away to the customers of her choice. Perhaps I can create some new fans and drive up demand even more!

rob! said...


Fantastic idea, and very generous of you!!!