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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toyfare #148

I just picked up the newest issue of Toyfare (#148), and it has two pages of shots from DC's upcoming "Chronicles" line of statues, including Golden Age Aquaman!

Its a really nice piece--I like how friendly Aquaman looks--but they didn't list a retail price yet. I think we can all be sure it ain't gonna be cheap.


Steven said...

I just got Toyfare today and as soon as I saw the Statue I just knew that you'd have it up!. What struck me when I saw it though, was 'Republic Pictures present AQUAMAN starring Buster Crabbe' (or is that just me......)

Wings1295 said...

Sure it won't be cheap. But it is SO nice!!!

And hey, guess what? My Mrs. gifted me with a surprise - The MERA statue!!! Holy cow, was I surprised! I like it.

She said she has ordered the Aquaman one and is curious as to when it will arrive. Do you have news on that, Rob?

rob! said...


He does look Buster Crabbe-ish. Man, how cool would've that movie serial have been??


Congrats to you! Mrs. Wings sounds awesome. According to DC's site, it comes out next week!

Josh Hill said...

this is an awesome statue. I never buy statues anymore, but this is one I'd be tempted to get.

Wings1295 said...

Rob - Yes, she is very cool indeed. And good to know, will be on the lookout for the second statue! :)

Russell said...

I'm not a big statue fan, but even if I was I don't know if I'd get this. The yellow gloves put me off, first of all, even though I know that that is Golden Age canon. Then there's the fact that he's just standing there, not doing much of anything besides posing.


I much prefer dynamic statues like the one that is coming out next week or the one where he is riding a wave. Now THOSE are tempting...!

Luis said...

I also would have prefered a more heroic/action pose than the one displayed, but it's a great statue nonetheless. Also it seems this is yet another entry for "The Ballad of the Yellow Glove".

Josh Hill said...

out of curiosity, I wonder if this means that an "Aquaman Chronicles" series, like the Superman Chronicles, Batman Chronicles, Flash, Green Lantern, etc.. we've already seen, will be coming out soon. I'm assuming these Chronicles statues are in fact tied-in with the series of trade paperbacks. So, then, it's not hard to make the assumption that an Aquaman series of trades isn't fair behind.

Anonymous said...

I like this statute. Too bad it's the yellow gloved one. I like the yellow gloved Aquaman but he looks better with green ones. I like that he looks happy. I hate him look angry or unpleasant. I hope when they bring him back they give him a better disposition.

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

Rob, if it's like the Batman and Superman statues they've already unveiled from this "Chronicles" line, expect it to be $99.99.