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Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Fun Comics #78 - April 1942

Comics Weekend "Aquaman" by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris.

More fun with More Fun!

Blackjack takes the month off from getting up in Aquaman's grill, so this time ther Sea King takes on an entirely different foe:
Aquaman heads for the Sargasso Sea, and off in the distance he spies a ship headed for the treacherous waters.

He jumps aboard, and speaks to the ship's captain, only to find the man frozen in place at the wheel! He searches the ship, and finds the rest of the ship's crew in a similar state.

What Aquaman doesn't see are two strangely-garbed men watching him from above. They decide to try and capture him:
Aquaman falls overboard, and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. After going through the extreme change in pressure he awakens from the frozen state the liquid put him in, and he heads for the surface.

He sees the two mystery men navigate the ship deeper into the Sargasso Sea, where there's a collection of other trapped ships:
Aquaman doesn't like this Sargasso guy who seems to be running his own pirate kingdom (again with the pirates!).

One of Sargasso's henchmen mentions that they almost captured Aquaman, and Sargasso is furious that they failed. He orders his other henchmen to spray one of their own and dump him into the drink, which they do.

Aquaman rescues him, and the henchmen explains just how Sargasso has amassed such a collection. Aquaman realizes that the change of pressure makes the effect of the paralyzing liquid wear off, he swims under the boat carrying the captive sailors.

They all fall into the ocean, where they awaken from their zombie-like state. Aquaman then leads them all back up to the ship, where he organizes an attack on Sargasso and his men:
...check it out: a couple of those guys are swinging axes! Yikes! And Aquaman's cheering them on: "That's it! Show them how it feels to take a licking!"

Sargasso knows he's outnumbered, so he hatches a new plan: he sets the ship, which is carrying explosives down below, on fire. His men then point it towards the ship carrying the sailors, where it should explode, killing them all!

Sargasso's henchmen set the fire, and jump off. Luckily, Aquaman is there, underwater, waiting for them. He knocks them out, and jumps aboard, turning the ship around:
Once again, Aquaman's courage and bravery are so impressive that some Surface Dwellers want him to assume sort of authority role--in this case, taking command of the a Navy fleet!

Of course, Aquaman turns them down, preferring to seek more adventures. Goodbye for now, Aquaman!

Another solid, rip-roarin' adventure--I feel like these More Fun stories are five for five. Aquaman is cheery, brave, and tough as nails--such a stark contrast to mopey hero that we're all more familiar with.

And on top of all that, I will simply never tire of this panel:
...I want this on a t-shirt, my iPhone, everywhere.


Wings1295 said...

That is great! The final panel is awesome, I saved it. Thanks for the post, man!

Aaron said...

LOL. I just made this panel my desktop.