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Sunday, October 04, 2009

More Fun Comics #77 - March 1942

Comics Weekend "Aquaman" by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris.

More fun continues with More Fun!

Geez...Green Arrow debuted the same issue of More Fun as Aquaman, and he gets a cover! What the heck, DC-editorial-board-of-1942?

After just one issue away, the pirate Blackjack is back, here trying to pull off yet another heist, and running afoul of that sea-going superhero Aquaman:
I guess we can surmise from the above panel with Blackjack dressed as The Rajah of Joon that his eye-patch is part of his costume, he actually just wears it. Otherwise, I'd he's drawing way too much attention to himself: the turban, the eye-patch: that's a lot going on there. What Not To Wear: Super-Villain Edition!

Anyway, Blackjack has one of his henchmen kidnap the senator's daughter, and the other knocks her companion into the drink. Of course, Aquaman is there:
Aquaman gets the young man to safety, and hatches a plan.

Meanwhile, Senator Burton meets with the Rajah, wondering what happened to his daughter. The Rajah pleads ignorance and offers to help with a search, which mollifies the police officer the senator brought with him.

But in secret, the Rajah suggests he just might know where the senator's daughter is...if the senator--who just happens to be in charge of the Waterways Committee--offers to give the Rajah some assistant with some "Secret shipping enterprises." The senator is aghast, but agrees to go along with the Rajah's plot, in fear for his daughter's life.

Meanwhile, Aquaman sneaks aboard Blackjack's ship undercover:
...Aquaman, doing the James Bond thing: kicking butt while wearing a tux!

Unfortunately, Blackjack comes in, distracting Aquaman long enough for another of Blackjack's goons to hit on him on the head, knocking him out (the second of many hits Aquaman's head will take during his superhero career).

They dump him in the ship's furnace, where the massive heat quickly weakens our hero. He manages to use the flames to burn a hole in the bulkhead (which is made of wood), stumbling into where the senator's daughter is held.

Once he explains who he is and that he's here to rescue her, the young woman helps out:
The fire quickly spreads, sinking Blackjack's ship. People jump into lifeboats, and Blackjack grabs the last one, punching out one of his henchmen to get it.

Aquaman and Dawn jump into the water, and Blackjack sees her in the water. Even though he's lost a fortune with the ship going down in flames, he figures he can cut his losses by at least killing the young witness:
...the end! Oh, that Blackjack--will he ever learn?

So far, we've talked about these More Fun stories for the past four Comics Weekend installments, and for my money there hasn't been a bum in the lot. I plan to move right on to More Fun Comics #78!

In the meantime, I realized that that one panel of Aquaman and the guy seemingly calling Aquaman "darling" makes perfect fodder for one of those "write in your own dialog" memes:
...have at it, AquaFans! We'll post the best ones!


Wings1295 said...

Have kept this up for hours, and the only thing I can come up with is:

"Dawn, Darling! Where have they taken you?"

"She sort of fell for my pal, Topo. Don't see the appeal, myself, but she appeared smitten."

Baaaaaaaaaaad... I blame it on my cold!

Unknown said...

"I'm right here, sweetheart. And stop calling me Don!

David said...

AQUAMAN: "Drunk and overboard AGAIN? Blast you, Tony Orlando, I used to be such a fan!"

Plaidstallions said...

"It's the yellow gloves isn't it?"

wich2 said...

"Sir - is that your other hand?"

Aaron said...

"Shut up and fertilize my roe already!"