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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DC Super Friends Aquaman Plush - 2009

The last piece of Aqua-merch I picked up at the Big Apple Con was this 14" high Aquaman plus doll, part of the DC Super Friends line. I had seen this on eBay a few times, and it was fairly easy to find at the con, so near the end of my day I picked it up.

He's a cute little bugger--so cute, in fact, that when I pulled it out of my backpack, our dog Johnny (who can somehow sense what items are stuffed and which are not) assumed it was for her. She even stood on her hind legs, trying to get a better look at it as it sat high up on my desk. No, no, sweetheart--that's Daddy's toy!


Russell said...

Wow, I've never seen this. I have come across the Superman and Batman ones but didn't even know this existed. Nice.

JRainey said...

I got one back in August on Ebay. The only problem I have, like other Aquaman merchandise, they gave him blonde eyebrows. I can overlook the black part of his pants but when it comes to eyebrows I perfer them to thickand black.

Russell said...

JRainey, I MUST disagree with you. I have never met any blondes of either gender who have black eyebrows, so I prefer the blonde ones. I always thought that the black ones were a type of mutation from the comics/cartoons. Aquaman has to have blonde eyebrows!!!

Wings1295 said...