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Saturday, October 17, 2009

DC Super Friends #20 - Dec. 2009

Comics Weekend "A Hair-Raising Tale" by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela.

Behind the spooky, spiffy cover by J.Bone comes a tale where the Super Friends encounter the strange being known as...The Shaggy Man!

The issue opens with a group of kids telling scary stories, and a kid dressed as Batman named Tommy (Brookshire?) offers up what he insists is a true tale about the time the Super Friends showed up in town to lead the Halloween Parade.

But of course nothing ever goes as smoothly as that:
The Super Friends, never having met the Shaggy Man, try to fight him off without doing too much damage to him or the town.

Aquaman doesn't get to participate much in the physical action, but there are moments when it sort of seems like he's team leader:
They learn that the Shaggy Man is the result of a well-intentioned experiment by a Professor Leo Zagarian, who was working with new kinds of plastics to create high-tech artificial arms and legs. But the experiments went awry, causing one of his subjects to develop into the mindless Shaggy Man. Meaning that he isn't truly a bad guy--just wildly out of control.

After the individual efforts of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern fail to stop the Shaggy Man and calm him down, Wonder Woman gets the bright idea to try a different tack--howabout being nice to him?
...good thinking, Aquaman!

Aquaman makes like the Pied Piper and leads the Shaggy Man out of town. Eventually, he was led to a nature preserve, where he could roam the countryside undisturbed by people.

The other kids doubt Tommy's tale, but they're convinced when his Uncle Leo shows up and tells them it's true, and that, despite the Shaggy Man's appearance, he wasn't really a monster.


Russell said...

I like this book a lot but the artist in trying to follow the toy-line look makes all the men look fat. Some like J. Bone do an okay job, but Dario Brizuela is not my favorite.

I love how each member is shown to be able to bring something to the adventure, including Aquaman. :-)

Wings1295 said...

Looks like quite a fun issue! Love the cover, too!

JRainey said...

I like the DC Superfriends however I was disappointed with this one. Aquaman does nothing superheroic. All the other superheros get to use their powers but he doesn't. He's a telepath. They could have had him try to communicate with the hairy thing. It may not have worked but atleast have him do more than lead a parade. It seemed like another story where they show him as being limited.