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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blackest Night #4 - Dec. 2009

Comics Weekend "Blackest Night" by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, and Joe Prado.

Blackest Night continues, this issue opening with The Flash and Atom being assisted in their fight against the undead by Mera:
They run into the undead Firestorm, who is being torn apart inside by the two people inside him--Ronnie and Jason--fighting to take control of the body.

Ronnie, who is one of the undead, takes control, just as Jason warns Flash and the rest that they need to evacuate Earth!

Just at that moment, other of the undead break in, including Aquaman:
...I have to say, I loved this bit--The Atom using his powers to drag The Flash and Mera across phone lines with him! While my feelings about this whole storyline haven't changed, this was a good old-fashioned, Crazy Superhero Comics moment.

After a moment between Luthor and the Calculator, we meet back up with our heroes, where Mera expresses her uncertainty that the three of them are up to this task:
While The Flash heads off on another task, The Atom and Mera hop back onto the phone lines and meet up with Mr. Terrific and other members of the Justice Society in Manhattan.

The JSAers are feeling like its hopeless, but now its Mera's turn to be a leader:
Mera breaks open some water lines, causing gusts of water to burst forth, keeping the undead at bay--for a few moments, at least.

The Atom saves Damage from his undead father by shrinking down and slipping inside Al Pratt, and then emerging full-size from inside, bursting Al open. Clever, but yuck! Its all for naught, unfortunately, since Damage falls victim to the Zombie Jean Loring.

Meanwhile, The Flash makes his way to Coast City, looking for Green Lantern, but is met by more of the undead and the one who seems to be their leader...Nekron!

To be continued!

Zombie Aquaman plays a very small role in this issue--appearing in only three panels--but Mera gets a ton to do, continuing Blackest Night's tradition of presenting her as a top-flight, highly effective and dynamic character. Let's hope this trend continues after Blackest Night is over...


IADW said...

Yeah - I have really enjoyed seeing Mera get a little more limelight in Blackest Night, and not treated as just a romantic appendage! It is going to be fun seeing what's instore for her next!

Josh Hill said...

I love that Mera is getting some spotlight in BLACKEST NIGHT. She's really taking her place as a prominent female character in comics. I think this is a great way to further build interest in the inevitable rebirth of Aquaman. Not only would people be excited to see Aquaman come back, but they also have a connection with Mera and want to see her up front, as well.

Luis said...

Though I just don't get the whole Zombie thing I too am glad that Mera is being put center stage and shown as a character who can stand alone and not just as Aquaman's wife. The artwork is realy good I must say.

Josh Hill said...

Well, Luis, I will say that these really aren't zombies. At least not in the tradition sense. I think the zombie craze is a little out of hand, myself, but something like this I can handle.

Russell said...

I finally got around to reading this, and I have to agree with all the other comments re: Mera is a kick-ass super-heroine. She is drawn great, and I look forward to seeing her portrayed this way from now on!!!

JasonMotesBowles said...

Didio just made a comment on Newsarama that has me thinking... what is, when this is all said and done, Aquaman DOESN'T return and instead, Mera becomes Aquawoman?!