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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aqua-Poll Results #1

We concluded our first Aqua Poll today, and the question was: Where would you like to see Aquaman return? Here's how you voted (169 of you, anyway):
A vast majority of you went for Aquaman in his own solo title again (which, by my count, would be Aquaman Volume Eight), while the next highest vote getter was Aquaman taking over the lead spot in Adventure Comics again.

I have to admit, the old fogey in me won out when casting my vote, and I went for Aquaman headlining Adventure again in lieu of a solo book. Maybe because I'm simply tired of seeing another Aqua-title get scuttled before it ever gets near 100 issues, maybe because Aquaman's Adventure runs have been almost uniformly excellent and I would hope for that magic to be recaptured.

Some of you thought he should just return as a back-up feature (howabout in Wonder Woman? That way DC can keep their copyrights up to date on two marquee characters that are sales dogs at one time!), and a couple of you just want to see him as a guest-star for now. Why the hate?

I really enjoyed watching the poll numbers constantly change (just the kind of guy I am), so I'll definitely be doing more polls in the future. Maybe it'll help DC get an idea of what us Aqua-Fans would like to see if--when--Classic Aquaman returns to the DCU...

On a related note, F.O.A.M.er Ilke Hincer pointed out to me this concurrent online poll over on the Previews website:
...for those of you not math-inclined, Aquaman has almost more votes than the other six choices combined. Are you paying attention, DC?

Before we go, I thought I'd work up a dummy cover for what Aquaman starring in the new Adventure Comics might look like. And since I had a killer Aquaman piece right at my fingertips...
(I figured, while I was dreaming, why not slot in my #1 choice as back-up feature: Plastic Man!)


JasonMotesBowles said...

I voted for backup feature or guest star just because I think Aquaman needs to build up some momentum before getting his own book that may tank like his previous series. If they follow up Wednesday Comics, THAT would be the perfect platform. Give him an amazing strip in that, get fans talking, THEN give him is own strip in either Adventure or a solo title.

Luis said...

I myself voted for him being the lead in Adventure Comics where I beleive he would do well. And if supported by a backup feature with, let's say, Hawkman, then you got a winner. Also, have the book live up to its title by having ADVENTURE stories, not mopey/emo angst ridden stories.

Wings1295 said...

Great, can't wait for more polls!

And I love your mock-up! DC should be looking this way for more than just Aquaman titles, they might have a new cover artist too, eh? :)

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

I voted for lead feature in Adventure Comics, as well.

As far as a back-up for the Sea King I'm torn between something complementary like Hawkman (as Luis suggests) or something completely different in tone, like The Creeper.

Or, howzabout an Untold Tales feature where we get to see the original Justice League of America, Teen Titans, or Doom Patrol?

Rick L. Phillips said...

Plas would make a good companion feature to Aquaman.

JRainey said...

I would love to see him in his own comic and actually was hoping he would be the lead for Adventure Comics rather than Superboy however I voted for him to make guest appearances. I don't think DC Comics knows what to do with him so maybe it would be best to have him make appearances first before they stick him out there and screw him up. Again.