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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday Comics #12 - 9/23/09

Aquaman guest-stars in the final issue of Wednesday Comics!

Okay, now we're cookin'!
At the end of last week's installment, Hawkman had the rampaging T-Rex follow him out into the surf, away from the survivors of the plane crash. Waiting for the T-Rex was...Aquaman!
While Aquaman forces the T-Rex to open his mouth, Hawkman jumps inside!

Meanwhile, out in space, an alien armada is about to attack the JLA satellite. Just as it all looks really bad, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter arrive to smash up the alien ships and save Earth.

Back on Dinosaur Island, we see what the plan was all along:
Hawkman, from the inside, stabs the T-Rex's brain (ew!), felling the creature. He thanks Aquaman for keeping the T-Rex's mouth long enough for Hawkman to try that crazy move.

Hawkgirl, in their Thanagarian ship, arrives at the island to pick up her husband and the survivors. Meanwhile, Aquaman bids them all adieu:
(click to embiggen!)

"I've got to get home and rule the seven seas!"--Aquaman, aww yeah, again!

If I wanted to, I guess I could complain about how this is the end (*sniff*) of Wednesday Comics, and how I could've read so much more, and how I wished Aquaman had gotten his own WC strip alongside his fellow JLAers Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman.

But you know what? I'm not going to do that. I'm amazed that this series ever got off the ground in the first place, since it was exactly the kind of series I've been waiting for DC or Marvel to do for years--fun stories you didn't need five years of back story to understand, presented in the giantest format possible.

I loved every page of Wednesday Comics, and I'm just thrilled that Aquaman got to show up--in two different strips--and do his thing.

Let's just hope DC at some point does Wednesday Comics 2, and Aquaman gets his own strip the next time around. Until then, I eagerly await the Wednesday Comics collected edition!


Wings1295 said...

I am with you, Rob. Be happy it was and not that it is gone. And hope for a return!

IADW said...

Yeah I think Wednesday Comics was the best thing to come from 'comics' in a looonnngggg time.

While I was originally shocked Aquaman had been left out over Etrigan and Deadman, now with his two quite different guest appearances I think it was a complete success!

Here's hoping next time it's all new talent - now the benchmark has been set!