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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wednesday Comics #11 - 9/16/09

Aquaman guest-stars again in Wednesday Comics!

After weeks of anticipation (pretty much ever since Hawkman and the people on the plane crashed onto Dinosaur Island), I've been waiting with baited breath for Aquaman to show up.
Well, this week's Hawkman strip by Kyle Baker (one of the most consistently excellent strips of the series) opens with Hawkman, just having smacked a murderous T-Rex in the snout, trying to lead it out towards the beach, and away from the survivors of the plane crash:
He dives into the surf, hoping the T-Rex will move a bit slower having to slosh through all the water.

As he begins to try and double back, the T-Rex gets attacked by a shark and an octopus, which of course is the doing of our hero:
...this small scan of the panel does not do it justice, so click it to see it in all its glory.

"The T-Rex doesn't know it yet, but he's in deep trouble"--Aquaman, aww yeah!

I admit, I was getting a bit impatient, waiting for Aquaman to show up in the Hawkman strip, but now I see Baker was saving it for the big finale, which is the next issue, Wednesday Comics' last (*sniff*). It was worth it!


IADW said...

Nice - Now that's an entry!

Looking forward to the final chapter!

Randy said...

Like you said:

Awwwwwwww yeah!!!!!!!"

Wings1295 said...

Quite beautiful.