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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Super Powers Party Plates - 1984

A little while ago, F.O.A.M.er Jon Knutson sent me a list of a whole bunch of products, all featuring Aquaman in some way. There were even some items there I had never seen before, which is always amazing to me!

sgOne of those products were these Super Powers party plates, featuring an image that's from a 1981 Super Friends Special. On the plates, the Superman figure seems to have been redrawn in some form by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (which is odd; its not like JLGL needs to use anyone as an artistic reference).

One of the other things I noticed is how awkward it looks to have the Super Powers logo split up the way it is on the plates--it just looks weird.

Thanks Jon!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Incidentally, that Super Friends Special was the main prize I won in the Super Friends scratch off contest you posted about last week!

Definitely Ross Andru on the comic cover, probably inked by Giordano. nobody did anatomy like Andru.

Yeah, the SP logo should never be divided. Yuck.


Wings1295 said...

Cool! Would have loved these at a party.

But the Aquaman pose on the plate is hands down better than the one on that comic cover. Aquaman looks... Out-of-sorts!

wich2 said...

"nobody did anatomy like Andru"

Because, Chris, nobody HAS anatomy like Andru's!

On the plate, Supe's empty hands makes him look like he's saying, "Nu?" (or, "hey - wadda ya gonna do?")


Jon K said...

You're more than welcome, Rob! Glad to see these photos starting to trickle in here!