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Monday, September 14, 2009

Missed Opportunity: Super Friends Pacheesie Game - 1981

I saw this frustrating item for sale at the last Wizard World Philly Con, and it's a wonderful(?) example of what I call a Missed Opportunity: a piece of merchandise that could've easily included Aquaman, but for whatever reason did not.

Batman and Robin, more often as not, got lumped together as one character in a lot of merchandise like this, so would it have killed the good people at Nasta, Inc., to give that fourth spot on the board to Aquaman? After all, he was one of the Super Friends, a brand name that this piece is making use of.

Oh great--now we've started the week off on a sour note. Sorry about that, AquaFans. Be here tomorrow when Aquaman will actually appear here on the Shrine...


Russell said...

Well, even though the Shrine is in a sour mood, I'm ecstatic. Why? Because I can check out the Shrine at work again!!! Because anything "blog" like is banned from my office internet, but you've switched from a "blog" to a ".com", Rob, I can see the Shrine again at work!!

From now on I'll check it at lunch like I used to before the ban was started. I just wanted to show up early today and find out for sure that I could get in. :-)

Wings1295 said...

Hey - We agree with ya, Rob! Aquaman so deserved that spot. Robin? PLEASE!

rob! said...


Wow, what a cool unintended consequence! Awesome!


I have a firm belief that if you're going to slap "Superfriends" on something, then you have to show all of the characters.

I would feel that way if they had used Aquaman but not Robin, or anyone else for that matter. But of course, its always Aquaman who gets the short end of the halibut.

Earth 2 Chris said...

As a big Robin fan, I'm glad he got the solo love, but I understand your frustration.

I still have this game from childhood. And somehow, I still have most of the magnets! How many vintage items have the actual Hall of Justice on them!

I have another Nasta Super Friends magnetic game that DOES feature Aquaman. If you want pics, I can send them to you Rob.


rob! said...


Absotively, I'd love to see those pics, Thanks!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Will do!


Luis said...

I'm intriged by the spelling of the word "PA'CHEESIE". It's usually "PARCHEESI".
Anyway, I also believe that Aquaman should have been in the fourth circle. Love the Hall of Justice in the middle, though. Cool idea to have it be the object of the game to reach it.