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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Powers Give-A-Show Projector - 1984

Despite my interest as a kid in All Thing Super Powers, this little (well, kinda big) item flew completely under my radar at the time. Luckily, F.O.A.M. member Jon Knutson generously sent me some shots of this...a Super Powers Give-A-Show Projector! Thanks Jon!

Using technology that seemed amazing at the time but now looks analogous to a horse-drawn carriage, Give-A-Show projectors were nothing more than little projectors that you could slide different strips of film into, and they would project the shots on a wall or whatever. Kind of like View Masters, but more inclusive. (Look how that little girl is humoring her brother, pretending to be interested)

As you might have guessed from the characters chosen to be on the box, Aquaman got the short shrift here, appearing only as a guest in the Batman strip:
(Click the image to see the whole sequence)

These strips were made from the mini-comics that came along with each Super Powers figure, which of course we talked about more in-depth yesterday.

I guess Arthur and Katar had to console themselves they didn't get their own "Give A Show" adventure. Ah, the life of a "B"-level superhero...


Jon K said...

Well, don't forget, Aquaman had a Give-A-Show slide back in 1968 or so!

I'm still working on getting the Super Powers slides prepared for the Give-A-Show Blog!

David J. Cutler said...

My first exposure to Aquaman was a Super Friends set of View Master slides... I'd love to find those again someday! In one of them they fought a giant water monster I think.

Steve Spatucci said...

That's awesome - I don't remember ever seeing this or hearing about it before. I would have been equally in awe of it as a kid.

I think the little girl looks so happy because she's found a source for a replacement Easy Bake Oven light bulb - those things were hard to come by in the 70's, from what my sources tell me.

Wings1295 said...

Never had one of these, but I do have vague memories of seeing them, somewhere.

And you are right, can't get more out-of-date than these babies, huh?


wich2 said...

"the little girl looks so happy because she's found a source for a replacement Easy Bake Oven light bulb"

Nope, as that was basically a standard light bulb - and the projector basically used a FLASHLIGHT bulb!

"can't get more out-of-date than these babies"

Yep, you can, as there have been "kiddie projectors" for about a hundred years.