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Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Amigos Action Figure

I saw this sad, sad thing on eBay a couple of months ago and I just couldn't resist.

The figure looks similar to this bootleg, but there are enough differences that lead me to conclude this is a cheap knockoff all its own. That figure at least came with a trident--with this one, you don't even get that. Hey kids--check it out! It's Aquaman, now with Paint Chipping Action!

I do enjoy the Kurt Schaffenberger stock art on the tag, though. I wonder what a Green Arrow figure this crappy would look like?


Jay said...

I grew up on these toys back in Mexico, I used to see them everyme I used to go with grandma to the mercado...also they were sold outside churches on sundays...those good old days...

Luis said...

This is of course, a bootleg figure, which abound in the markets of Mexico. And I seriously doubt that all the figures depicted in the packaging were available, so probably no Green Arrow figure ever existed. I must say, that for a bootleg figure it at least gets all the colors right, which is rare. I can't tell you how many green Supermans and purple Batmans I've seen.