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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aquaman: Search for Kryptonite Action Figure

I picked this figure up a couple of weeks ago (at All Things Fun, of course), and promptly forgot to post it at the time. Oops!

While its certainly a nice looking figure, I'm scratching my head a little bit at the timing--releasing a figure of the Arthur Joseph Aquaman, right at the moment that it seems DC is putting the character into permanent oblivion?

Could be that Aquaman is like Wonder Woman--a character that sells merchandise quite well, but not comic books. So if there's a logical reason to produce another Aquaman figure, have at it!


Randy said...

I think the reason the figure was released was simply because he appeared in that Superman/Batman story.

I haven't read the title since Loeb and McGuiness left, but I thought I had heard that this version of Aquaman was in an issue of that storyline.

But I could be wrong.

dennis Doucette said...

I read it. and yes he was in it. i mean hes right on the cover too!!! good issue

Joe Huber said...

It was a good issue, and I picked up this figure also. I find that now I actually like this version of Aquaman. At first I was resistant.

Excited to see what you have planned for comics weekend this go around since one book featured a version of him quite a bit, and then there was a surprise guest appearance in a certain weekly book.

David J. Cutler said...

I have no idea how many action figures are made in a given line, but I'd hazzard a guess that it's probably less than the around 20k units companies like their comics to sell a month. So mabybe there are just under that number of Aquaman fans, but since that means the book is missing almost more than its published, we all get really rabid and are more prone to buying any and all merchandise than, say, your average Flash or Captain America fan would be.

I really like this figure, too--much better than his other figure, in the first appearances line.

Russell said...

David, I don't know about that....both this and the First Appearance figure look about the same to me. And I'm sorry, but I can't get past the blacked-out eyes. I think it's creepy.

Wings1295 said...

A good addition to an Aqua-collection, though, for sure!